Dealing With Car Accident While Pregnant

    Any birth of a baby brings a bundle of joy to a home. However, complications that arise during pregnancy may lead to injuries that may affect the birth of a healthy baby.

    These injuries may include infections to the mother and baby, lack of proper prenatal care, and others. Worse of all is when a pregnant woman is involved in a car accident leading to injuries or sometimes deaths of both the mother and the baby

    Dealing With Car Accident While Pregnant

    Where such is caused through negligence, this may involve a challenging legal process.

    If you or your loved one was involved in a car accident due to negligence while pregnant, you need to seek compensation for injuries.

    This article contains what kind of injuries are suffered by pregnant mothers and claiming of compensation.

    Common Injuries For Pregnant Women During Motor Vehicle Crash

    Car accidents are known to cause severe injuries to both the mother and the baby. Such circumstances force one to seek legal help due to their complexity. The process needs one to get help from?a car accident lawyer in Anchorage.

    Pregnant women involved in car accidents may suffer from more injuries compared to non-pregnant passengers.?Some of the common injuries include:

    • Fetal injury:?Even in cases where such fetal survives, it may have complications after birth. For example, they may suffer from neonatal respiratory issues that may lead to the child’s long-term effects.
    • Uterine rupture:? ?This is tearing of the uterus. The fetus is likely to be expelled out of the peritoneal cavity during a car accident. Though rare, uterine rupture is likely to occur during the last trimester
    • Placental abruption:?This is one of the leading causes of fetal loss during a car accident. Where the placenta disengages itself from the uterine wall, leading to the interruption of blood flow to the fetus. Also, such injuries may emanate from abdomen trauma, leading to loss of fluids that cushion the baby. According to the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, placenta abruption occurs in 1 to 5% of minor car crashes as 20 to 50% of severe cases.
    • Congenital disability:?The fetus may suffer from direct injuries during a car accident. This may lead to complications during delivery. When injured, the fetus has a high risk of disability.
    • Miscarriage:?Often, pregnant women miscarriage during or after a car crash. One reason issue due to the extreme shock, which may lead to such injuries.

    Any pregnant woman is considered to be in a period of heightened vulnerability. And or such injuries, one should consider having an experienced car accident lawyer to help protect their legal rights.  

    According to the US National Library of Medicine, pregnant women, especially those in the 2nd trimester, have a substantial risk of being involved in severe car crashes, especially when driving.? Whether you suffered injuries while driving or as a passenger and such resulted from negligence, you may have a claim.

    One major leading cause of injuries to pregnant women in car crashes is improper use of lap belts. Incorrect use of seat belts leads to increased risk of neonatal deaths. While most women fear their fetus will be harmed, proper use of such a belt may prevent unnecessary injuries.??

    Whichever the reason for your injuries, you need to seek compensation.

    Claiming Your Compensation

    Before seeking legal help, you should get medical attention immediately after the accident. This will act as evidence of the type of injuries you may have suffered.

    Ensure to maintain all medical records, such as your diagnostic tests or any medical information your physician provides.

    A seasoned personal injury lawyer has the expertise to deal with all cases emanating from vehicle crashes. Such can ensure you get proper treatment for yourself and your fetus. Where the fetus may not survive due to the extent of injuries, you can file a wrongful death claim.

    Car accidents during pregnancy lead to increased liability. So, you can be sure that multiple factors will impact your settlement. For instance, your baby may be prematurely born, or such injuries may lead to complications during delivery. ?Such cases require a victim to get a medical testimonial from a medical expert.

    Any expecting mother can tell you that it?s terrible to have complications caused by negligence. Thus, the only best way to ensure justice for both mother and baby would be to seek legal help.

    There are multiple strategies to help you get the best settlement.  An experienced lawyer can aggressively work towards getting the best out of your claim.

    Remember that your choice of lawyer will determine whether you will get the compensation you deserve. Also, the insurance company is more likely to handle your case more proactively if they realize you have a seasoned lawyer.

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