10-Minute Daily Workout to Tone Love Handle

A toned body starts with lowering the fat proportion from your body but sometimes even when you have a low-fat content in your body, the remaining fat is present in extremely odd places making your body look saggy and unhealthy. Most people have tight abs and good muscle strength but when it comes to the area just above the buttock, they have fat bags hanging. These fat bags are usually known as love handles. According to experts, there is nothing odd about the fat bags, when you start exercising with your main focus on these areas you will easily lose weight, your body will seem more toned, and no matter what you wear you will look good. In most cases, people confuse love handles with the shape of their bodies. It is very important to keep in mind that even if you have a pear shape, the toned love handles are still considered to have muscles and no fat. If you don?t know how you can tell if you have saggy fat pouches hanging from both sides, you can analyze yourself while wearing skinny jeans.

How Saggy Love Handles Can Impact Your Looks?

Now that you know what love handles are, you might be thinking why some people look weird although their love handles are not saggy. The idea is that the clothing and the type of fashion you follow have a very huge impact. Since you will have love handles with fat bags and your oblique muscles will be covered with fat, no matter what you wear, they will be covered with clothes. With everything covered with thick clothing, every time you sit or stand, these saggy pouches will hang out. Although the choice of clothes plays an important role if you exercise and work on oblique muscles, you will eventually see improvement not only in your posture but your clothes will look much better on you.

With the help of this article, we will help you know about some of the easiest and most effective exercises to help you tone your love handles. Although most people think that gender-wise the exercises should be different if you use these workouts effectively, you will be able to see improvement regardless of your gender, age, or current BMI.

10 Minutes Workout for Toned Love Handles

For the toned love handles you can?t just rely on the workout that will help you focus on the side muscles. You also need to reduce the overall fat ratio in your body. If you already fall in the healthy BMI category, this workout will help you reduce the fat layer on top of the oblique muscles.


To start the exercises, you need at least a two-minute warm-up session so that you can get the blood rushing. This warm-up session will also help you reduce the chance of injury and get your body ready for the intense workout to come.

Russian Twist

The Russian twist is so far the best way to strengthen your core, work on your love handles and improve the endurance of your upper body. For this workout, you will get into a crunch pose and then handle a ball or weight to touch on both sides.

Side Plank

For the side plank, you will get into the normal plank position but then you will get on one hand and twist to the side. Now maintain and balance the weight on the side only without moving.

Side Crunch

Side crunches are just like normal crunches but rather than staying straight on your back, you need to be on your side and your movement will come all the way from the side as you move your legs closer to your chest.

Crab Kicks

This is a very simple workout but you need to keep your posture right. For this workout, you have to start with a side plank position and then you will raise one leg in the air and then bring it back. The process will be easy but you need to equally work on both legs. Most people start with full intensity on just one side but when they reach the other side their intensity decreases and they lose motivation.

Bicycle Crunches

Crunches are not only good for abs but also help you tone your love handles and overall body. For this, you will tuck your hands under the nape of your neck. Now you will use one leg at a time to bring your knee closer to the chest.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you work out and the technique you choose. There is no doubt that most people even after following the same workout do not get favorable results. The main issue is that every workout doesn?t work for everyone and your lifestyle is very different so you need to keep in mind that unless you don?t make significant lifestyle changes you will not see any significant change. Your diet and the way you exert your energy plays a very important role in this regard. If you are already obese and you are not doing anything to lose weight, there is a high chance that these workouts will not offer you significant results. You need to start with lowering the fat content in your body, once you achieve that only then working on your love handles will offer you good enough results.

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