4 Things to Keep in Mind While Customizing Challenge Coins

    customizing challenge coins

    The custom of challenge coins is not new to this world. In fact, it?s an age-old tradition that was quite popular in the US Military Force.

    Maybe this is the reason why a major number of military challenge coins made in USA every year. However, as of today, the use of challenge coins is not limited to Military Force only.

    Challenge coins are used in several other service departments like Firefighters or Paramedics. They not only represent the troop or squad of a nation serving the field but also made use to show respect, tribute or honor the deeds of deserving individuals.

    This is why to maintain their individuality and commemorate the deserving in respective ways, customization of challenge coins is very popular. However, before you start to customize challenge coins there are a few things that are needed to be noted.

    Read till the end to learn about things that are important to consider while customizing challenge coins.

    1. Quality of the challenge coins

    Quality is the first thing that must be checked even before you start to customize your challenge coin. Flimsy or cheap quality must be avoided for the making of such coins at all cost.

    One of the best ways to choose the best quality for custom challenge coins is by comparing the various factors offered online. From the way they are priced to the way manufacturers represent the making information of challenge coins must be analyzed and compared.

    Just because the price of a coin is high doesn?t necessarily mean they are good quality. But then again extremely cheap ones are also not reliable enough to be trusted for best quality.

    2. Information from reliable sources

    Now maybe this is your first time placing an order for a customized challenge coin or you may have not much idea about them. Hence, whichever is the case for you, don?t make the mistake of customizing coins based on your instincts.

    Seek help from someone who knows about them or is an expert. If you don?t have such a person then turn to online resources for learning more about it. Make sure the websites you are gathering information from are credible and relevant sources.

    You can also check out client testimonials or reviews to understand the services of the coin manufacturer. Be thorough with research and spend time enquiring about it from trusted sources before you place the order for customization.

    3. Price range of the coins

    Consider the price of the challenge coins before customizing. See if the coin manufacturers are charging extra for customization. If yes, then it would be better if you choose some other manufacturer.

    Also, make sure that the price range is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Plus, check if there are values for many deals offered by a seller or not.

    4. Coin design specifications

    Be specific and clear when it comes to the designing of custom challenge coins. Challenge coins are meant to represent some meaning and individuality of the event or person to who they are given.

    Hence, designing a custom challenge coin is a significant part. Firstly, make sure that you are ready with your idea and specifications for the custom challenge coins. Secondly, make sure that your concept is briefed accurately to the designer.

    Any misinterpretation can ruin the whole design and eventually customization of the challenge coin.


    The above listed things are pretty important to be kept in mind while choosing or customizing challenge coins. Whether the military challenge coins made in USA or any other place, it is important that you implement the above considerations while placing the order for custom coins.


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