What Are The Current Trends In Men’s Suits?

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Change is an absolute reality of the world, and men’s suits aren’t an exception. Suiting has been evolving since time immemorial, whether it is office suits or tuxedos for black-tie events. 

Fashion is an ever-changing subject, and it brings every year a new, fresh style and changes that sometimes stays for a time and sometimes become a foundational rule.

Like any other year, we have also seen some new trends in men’s suits this year. 2022 is all about experimentation and loosening the shackles of rigid, suiting rules. Comfort and convenience are at par top of this year’s trends in men’s suits. 

Let’s drive you through some of the most important men’s suit trends this year.

More Colour Inclusivity

It’s 2022, and it would have been a surprise if we had still been stuck to those grey, black, and navy-blue suits. 

Since colour and gender associations are rapidly fading, we see men being more inclusive doing experimenting with more colours. Lighter colours like pink, light purple, and peach, formerly considered feminine shades, are becoming a prominent choice of colour in suits. 

Men are now confident wearing these hues. Although there is no compromise in colours with formal suits for men, where you need to adhere to business etiquette, casual events are a perfect place to try these shades out.

Oversized Look

For ages, we have seen well-fitted jackets that bring a sleek silhouette to men’s stature. But as old fashion conventions are becoming steadily obsolete, the oversized suit style is highly embraced by modern men. 

Oversized suits are high on the trend list of men’s suits in 2022. And it is good for people who’ve put on some weight during these pandemic lockdowns. 

But when it comes to oversized suits, tread carefully. It should be noted that what looks ugly overfit at first glance is a mastery of the finest tailoring. Oversized suits are tailored in a way to give a loosened look. 

So, picking a size up simply results in ill-fitting and won’t achieve that intentional look.

Mismatch and Separate Styles

The idea of mismatching and styling suits creates harmony between different ensemble parts. And this requires extensive knowledge of colour combinations. 

However, it could be your best smart casual look if you can pull on this look perfectly. Currently, we are seeing this trend becoming more prevalent in 2022. 

Well, suit separates were always part of men’s business casuals, but this outfit is now becoming more popular at weddings. A point to note here is that mixing different suits will not work. You have to buy your separates separately.

Athleisure Suits

Looks chic and designer office suits for men, athleisure suits are becoming more of a trending style this year. This could be your stylish, warm-wear alternative on casual office days. Athleisure suits are cut from a jersey fabric than traditional wool. 

It would not be wrong to call an athleisure suit a tracksuit as it comes in a stretchable material, but with all suit ornamentations like lapelled jackets and tapered trousers. 

However, you can’t wear this outfit in workplaces that require you to follow a dressier dress code. For those places, you have to invest in a professional woollen suit. But this could suffice on video calls on work-from-home setups.

Styling with Casual Shoes

Gone are the days when formal shoes were required for formal outfits. Putting on formal shoes the whole day in offices becomes uncomfortable sometimes. 

But as new fashion trends in men’s suits focus more on comfort and convenience, it is no more a fashion crime to wear casual shoes with your formal suits. 

Though there are some things, you might have to take care of. Wearing casual shoes, dress down the suit, so if your workplace or invitation cards mention following a formal dress code, going for formal footwear would be a good idea.

Charming Prints

Traditionally, business suits have always been accepted in sleek patterns like a pinstripe. But what’s fun if we are not breaking the rules. 

So, in 2022, suit wearers decided to opt for large patterns, a great trend now. Large patterns in a harmonious shade with the base colour of the suit make a perfect ensemble for casual parties and red-carpet events. 

But, as the style lingers lower on the formality spectrum, black-tie events and workplaces following formal dress codes might not be a good place to put this outfit on.

To Sum Up

Like any fashion garments, suits have also seen a lot of change post the lockdown. These latest trends of men’s suits in 2022 reflect how we have started giving men more priority to comfort and convenience than uncomfortable styles. And, surely, these styles are going to be embraced for longer.


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