What Are Current Ecommerce Website Design Trends?

Welcome to the e-commerce web design trends!

Whenever we talk about designs there is only one thing that we focus on to know better: Trends.

After a lot of research, and analysis the e-commerce website design company in Kolkata?has decided to let all the readers know about the new trends in website designs.

From bold shades to vaporwave aesthetics, there is more to look forward to in 2022.

Read to the end of the blog, to know more about the trends and the best e-commerce website design company in Kolkata. 

6 E-commerce Website Design Trends

Striking colors

One of the most important things about website designs are the colors. Colors have a phycological effect on the brains of the viewers.

They do it because of their neuro-associations. The year 2022, is the year where a lot of increase in the usage of bright, eye-catching, bold designs will be seen. But the warm colors will be used for the soothing experience of the consumers and visitors.

Attractive Typography

Typography is another essential part of website design. Visitors do not want some kind of fonts that are hard to read.

In that case, the best e-commerce website design company in Kolkata says: even if the visitor is interested in your products or services they might have to leave it, for not understand what?s written.

Therefore, this year there are going to be many safe fonts, that can bring a different look to the website page as well as can be read easily by visitors.

First Mobile Approach

The best e-commerce website design company in Kolkata, focuses on the era of mobile technology.

According to the stats, 79% of mobile users purchase online via their smartphones.

From the ranking point of view, search engines prefer websites that are mobile-friendly. Therefore a website with mobile-friendliness will be given more importance.

Interactive shopping Experience

There are people who love shopping online, but there are people as well who want to know the product details before making a purchase.

Once again the stats say, that 49% of the millennials have gone to physical stores to experience the in-store ambiance where they could know all about the product they wish to buy.

In 2022, we come up with a solution that can be fixed by incorporating shopping experiences like smart mirrors, interactive signage, and  augmented reality.

Narration style for product details

Telling stories while you talk about the product is a good way of keeping the consumers interested.

With the help of stories, you can easily talk about the product, and shift to how it can solve the problems in a minute. A storytelling strategy will help you keep the customers engaged.

This year many e-commerce websites will start these strategies with the help of their employees.

Amazing landing pages

This will be another e-commerce design trend, that we are sure you fall in love with as well.

E-commerce landing pages are considered digital storefronts, for it grabs the user?s attention and kick-starts their shopping urge.

Customers will have plenty of choices to choose from and will eventually raise the costs of ads, therefore an amazing landing page can do a lot.


There you go with What are current eCommerce website design trends, by the best e-commerce website design company in Kolkata.

To know about us, and how we will be using these new trends for our clients, contact us through our website link www.esspesoft.com 

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