Kick start your career with the CT Scan Technician Course to enter the medical care field

In modern healthcare, Computed Tomography, commonly known as CAT or CT scan is an important aspect. The scanning and imaging technology enables physicians to have a better look and understanding of the human and inspect any underlying issues which are not visible to the human eyes. Therefore, there is always a growing need for technicians and assistance in this sector. Thus, if you are looking to find a career as a ct technician, it can be an excellent career choice, undoubtedly.

CT scan technician course

Looking for the best CT scan technician course can be a little overwhelming job but finding the right choice is very necessary. The work of a CT Technician is considered pretty crucial and hence, you must find a college where you get the right knowledge and understanding of the work. This allied healthcare sector plays a key role in helping doctors and physicians diagnose the condition of the patients far more clearly. Moreover, it also becomes essential to note CT scans play an essential role in the detection and cure of diseases as grave as cancer.

What is CT Scan and Why is it so Important?

CT scan is essentially a diagnostic technique that is non-invasive and it makes use of X-rays to produce images of the internal body parts. The computer-generated pictures are extremely detailed and they offer three-dimensional images of the structure as well. CT scan plays a huge role in diagnosing as well as treating any sort of abnormality or disease that may have been developing inside the body. It also helps the doctors diagnose if the concerned portion of the body is responding to the treatment or not. 

Moreover, CT scans are also extremely essential and effective in emergency cases. This is because CT scans are fast and the results can be obtained pretty quickly. This enables the detection of any internal injury if there is any in case of an emergency. 

How is Life as a CT Scan Technician? 

As a career, the work of a CT scan technician can be excellent. There are several schools of computed tomography which offer CT certificate programs. For such courses, all you will need is to meet the required eligibility criteria of the specified colleges. In general, the course usually runs for about one or two-semester and the course mostly comprises operations that are related to the CT scanners. It also teaches the students how the scanners are applied for pathology, analogy as the patient’s care.

While you can opt for a full-time course in premier colleges in Delhi and several other places, a lot of schools offer programs in CT certificates. These courses can be completed through clinical practices in collaboration with the local clinical partners. Clinical experience is of utmost importance and it is very crucial to look for courses that specialize in the same. The CT course work is most likely to include the following topics:

  • Sectional Anatomy
  • Instruments of Computer Tomography and the procedure to use them
  •  Neuropathophysiology
  • CT procedures and caring for the patients

How to Become a CT Scan Technician?

When you look for the CT scan technician course near me options, you must note the key points about the course.  It is a form of paramedical certificate course where, once the course is completed, the individual receives a certificate of completion from the respective college or university. The duration of the course usually ranges between 6 months to 12 months and it depends on respective institutes. But, some institutes offer the courses for a longer duration of 2 years where the aspirants are taught hands-on experience of the medical field.

The course is completely job-oriented and it offers key medical and clinical skills to the candidates to find the right job. The course is sure to offer a wide range of opportunities and a scope for a successful career. But to get into a college that offers such courses, you will need to meet the basic eligibility criteria of the college of your choice. 

The candidates must have cleared their board exam in CBSE, ICSE, State Board, or any equivalent board. Also, they must have obtained a minimum of 50% in the aggregated score of physics, chemistry, and mathematics or biology.

What is the Role and Salary of a CT Scan Technician?

The role of a CT scan technician is profound and they are a crucial part of the paramedical health sector. They serve the duty of helping the patients into the scanner, operating the scanner, then recording the images that are produced by the scanner.

Then they are also responsible for handing over the scan reports to the concerned senior physician or doctor. Therefore, CT scan technicians also get the opportunity to work under the guidance of experienced and high qualified doctors as well as radiologists.

When you go for a CT scan technician course you open up to the greater possibility of jobs with promising salary options. The salary of a technician depends on multiple factors like the location of the job, the profile of the employer, and most importantly the skills that the candidate has. Depending on such factors, the average beginning salary of a CT scan technician is anywhere between Rs. 6-8k per month.

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