How To Teach a Minor To Build a Credit Score With Proper Finance Management

We are at a time when it has become important for parents to get their children accustomed to financial matters and management as early as possible. A parent’s job is to guide their children to the right path in life, so they grow up to become good people. Part of it is building their finances to offer them stability. Thus, comes the requirement for a Mobile Finance App.

The children are the future and the next generation. As a parent, you should not want to do anything less than the best. Hence, preparing them for financial management is crucial. They need to form a clear idea about handling money, earning it, and acquiring credit.

At a time, elders used to warn us about taking credit and getting stuck in debt. However, today, credit is not entirely looked down upon. This is because people have understood how credit essentially works and how to get it right. When your children start early, they are bound to have a decent credit score by the time they are earning.

So, to make your child understand all this, you will need to devise a plan and start including your child in financial matters. So, when they turn 18 and become adults, they will have proper financial management knowledge and be able to understand credit. For your child to have a credit history, you can use some tips to prep them up.

1. What Is Credit? 

The credit score is important for having access to the credit amount. A higher credit score allows you to take a higher credit amount. The punctuality of the creditor determines the credit score to pay off the debts on time. When someone takes credit from a financial institution, they will give them a certain time to pay off the debt plus interest.

If the person manages to do it in time, they are rewarded a few points on the credit score meter. This enables them to apply for greater credit next time. There are a few specific ways to upgrade your credit score apart from the payment method. A long-standing credit account will also be rewarded with a decent credit score. This is why having a credit history helps in Smarter Banking.

2. The Sheer Differences Between Credit And Debit

In simple accounting terminology, debit is what comes in, and credit is what goes out. So, in terms of acquiring credit, you are borrowing money. Hence, the credit money has to be paid back. So, the credit card is only given to people eligible for borrowing the amount and is responsible for paying the debt.

Whereas the debit card contains your own money. You can spend as much as you have on your account. Credit cards have a specific limit. Usually, a credit card is issued for a financial requirement of a single individual or a company. And the debt is what they have earned and accumulated.

3. Help Your Child Learn To Save

Before you give them any card, let alone an account, they must know how to save money. An account will be useless if they keep on spending it, so long as the parents can support such behaviour. So, once they learn to save, they can manage their account and cards.

They must practise saving money at home from a young age. Once they get to a certain age and have saved up some amount, they can be handed a bank account to put their funds into. They can manage this fund as they want. And once they start earning, they can also use the account as their official salary account.

4. Co-Signing On Loans With Your Kid

The longevity and savings on a child?s account are two important aspects of building a credit score and history. However, those are not enough for singlehandedly eligibility for loans. They will require parental guidance to let the authorities grant permission for a loan.

Starting as small as a car loan or an education loan will be quite helpful in the process. However, the parent also has to co-sign on the loan as the child may not be in a position where they are earning full-time and taking on the loan. The parent has to sign to offer a guarantee.


As you get your kid into the financial space, you will also have to take them through the whole digital options. The Pocket Money App?could be a great way to encourage them. There are many financial organisations out there that are giving credit or loans. You will just have to go through a few to see which one you will be eligible for. Preparing your child for financial matters is one of the smartest things. And parents must start early, so they have a clear idea when they are adults and going out in the world.

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