5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand

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    Contrary to popular conception, promoting your brand or business need not always require loads of money or large amounts of marketing manpower. Rather, using a cost-effective and efficient strategy is key to the success of the promotion of your brand or business and is furthermore easy on the budget, which may already be quite small, to begin with for many new and upcoming brands and smaller businesses. Any strategy that can give your brand or business a competitive edge and positive public presence can go a long way in attracting potential new customers and ensuring that they are promoted to the fullest of their capacity. With this in mind, the following are 5 creative ways to promote your brand.

    Be Visible

    Getting more involved in the local community gives greater opportunity to promote your brand or business. This can be done by sponsoring charitable events in the area, offering to free up some store space for school events, and volunteering for nonprofit organizations. Such strategies are easy on the wallet and offer a positive public presence for free. Additionally, they draw in new customers and demonstrate to existing ones your credentials as a corporate citizen.

    Be Social

    Having a presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is a way to promote your business and showcase your products to new customers that, like and along with being visible, is easy on the wallet. Social media accounts should be updated regularly in order to display news and new sales and products. For example, videos of product demonstrations can be posted, interactive blogs developed, and welcoming contests created.


    Participation in company networking events and entities can greatly help smaller businesses improve their promotional initiatives. This can include such things as joining an industry organization, a chamber of commerce, or a Rotary club and attending their events. The majority of these entities are involved primarily in enabling smaller businesses to promote their services and products to each other. While attending them, it helps to be amply stocked with business cards, interact with as many individuals as possible, and begin forging relationships with possible new customers in order to develop them into business prospects that will be fruitful in the long term.


    Such events as business expositions and trade shows are great places to promote and show your business and its products and endeavors off. One can start by contacting local convention organizers and event planners in order to learn more about any available opportunities. Many of the events that they offer happen to be oriented towards small business owners and are fairly priced as well. A set of retail counter mats can help provide a refining touch to an exhibition venue.

    Use Traditional Venues

    Despite the power and pull of even the most creative and innovative promotional initiatives, it remains important and viable to promote the business via traditional media and venues. As such, one can create an advertising and marketing campaign that lies safely within one’s budget, and meticulously targets the intended demographics. An interactive and regularly updated web page, as well as a bare minimum of one professional promotional marketing pieces like brochures and fliers, can be developed. Print ads that reach the intended audience can be placed within publications, and a contact list of customers meant for conducting marketing campaigns.

    While promoting one’s brand may not always be such a streamlined or straightforward process, there are many creative ways to do so that are relatively easy in terms of time and effort as well as on the wallet. These often involve things like gaining a greater public presence online and in-person by reaching out in the right way and at the right time and place.

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