Create A Safer Kitchen for Disabled People with the Right Equipment

Any person who is disabled or has encountered an injury recently may face a variety of problems when doing certain activities. However, there is no need to transform your kitchen into a modern one.

Also, the modern kitchen occasionally gives the impression that it has something to gain by discriminating against people with disabilities.

If you have a disabled person at home who wants to engage in kitchen activities but cannot because of the risks involved, then wait. In order to make the kitchen experience convenient for people with impairments, here are a few pieces of equipments that you can add on.

#1: Multi Openers

People with impairments need equipment every now and then to help them open food and drink containers. These things can be anything from bottles, cans, jars, and more.

As a result, you may buy a multi-opener that opens and twists off the bottles, jar lids, pressure seal caps and even ring pull cans. The ergonomic handles on the multi-openers make it possible to apply leverage and open the package even if the user is suffering from hand strength or motor coordination.

#2: Non-Slip Coaster

The non-slip coasters are another piece of equipment that you can buy for your loved ones who are suffering from a disability. These prevent tableware from slipping off trays, countertops, and tables.

It keeps the cutting boards in place and holds mixing bowls and kitchenware in position firmly. Also, these non-slip coasters hold objects on surfaces that are not horizontal and or liable to sway or tip. This equipment comes with an excellent heat insulation effect that prevents the heat from scalding and protects the table surface.

#3: Kettle Tipper

For anyone who is elderly or incapacitated, there is no doubt that handling hot water presents a risk. However, you may eliminate the chance of spilling hot water while attempting to fill your cup by using a kettle tipper.

Any type of electric kettle can be equipped with a kettle tipper, which tilts and helps pour hot water with minimum effort. This lowers the risk of accidents like getting burned or ruining cloth.

#4: Bibs

The disabled person might want to heat the soup or cook some for themselves. There may be constant tension going on that they might spill it and burn themselves. For this reason, adding bibs to their kitchen is a great idea.

These bibs are disposable, waterproof and spillproof in nature. These assistive items shield the users especially the ones with dexterity problems and their clothing from getting ruined. In order to ensure cost-effectiveness and lessen plastic waste, many of these bibs are washable and reusable.

#5: Kitchen Utensil Holder

Another item that you can buy is a kitchen utensil holder for a smooth experience. It is a great tool that disabled person can use to pick and move utensils around the kitchen.

The disabled person can easily pick any utensil in the kitchen with its help even if the utensil is too hot. The kitchen utensil holder?ensures the safety and offers a great grip. Additionally, it makes it easier to reach any other item quickly.

#6: Mobile Meal Trolley

It can be really challenging and daunting to move the meals from the kitchen to the dining or the living room. Sometimes there are risks of accidents involved which can be dangerous.

But with the right equipment like a mobile meal trolley, things can become easier. People with impairment can go about with their food in a portable meal trolley without worrying about falling or spilling it. These come with additional features like locking castors, replaceable trays, height adjustment, and a hygienic design.

#7: Anti-Slip Mats

In the kitchen, you may have to use water for a variety of purposes. This includes washing the dishes, cooking and other. The regular use of water can make the area near the basin slippery.

To ensure high-end safety, you can include anti-slip mats in the kitchen for disabled people. This would prevent any kind of accidents and reduce the risk of falling. Also, it increases a sense of security and boosts independence to move around freely.

Grab the Right Equipment for Your Kitchen Today

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