Continued Growth in Micro Mobility

Defining Some Key Terms for Your Understanding

Micro mobility refers to the small modes of transportation and light vehicles such as shared bicycles, electric scooters, electric skateboards, pedelec, etc. These vehicles having a gross weight of not more than 500 kg. These vehicles are made to travel in small durations and short journeys. Micro mobility is a miniaturisation of the transportation mode for shorter travel and journey. It also required shared services, motors, and primary utility, these are additional conditions.

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Key Factors of Micro Mobility in Global Market   

Most of the time the car travel is less than eight kilometres but still 80% people have to use a car to reach to the destination but micro-mobility helps to use fewer cars and hence the market of the micro-mobility gets greats attraction. The major and important qualities in micro-mobility are lightweight, compact, electric-powered powertrain, less payload capacity, passengers in lesser number, etc. and hence the features which emerges the global micro-mobility. The government and key players are investing in micro-mobility more often as these vehicles are featuring in the global market and grow as the public and private stakeholders invested more than in any technology.

The demand for micro-mobility and shared mobility solutions are rapidly growing which includes e-hailing, urban areas car sharing, and ridesharing are also impacting positively on the global market of micro-mobility. The attribution of the micro-mobility solutions is exponentially growing in the urban population. And as expected by 2024, 65% of people use micro-mobility after major expansion and projection in cities.

Private and public investors are more concerned to invest in starts up in global micro-mobility. As the investment is increasing in the micro-mobility, the distribution channels increment and product portfolio are concerned and expansion of the micro-mobility market. On-demand transportation and shared mobility transportation is the acquisition and mergers of the investors in micro-mobility and hence works as a key driver for the global micro-mobility market.

Electric Vehicles and Attractive Opportunities

The global concern includes the deterioration of the environment. The regulations and norms mandated from the European Union on transportation and vehicles to eliminate the emissions from vehicles. The Nox, Cox, and other global warming gases majorly contributed through it and vehicles emissions involvement. Electric vehicles designed for zero-emission of global warming gases. And these become the major reason for the rapid pace of the demand for electric vehicles.  

Operating players in Global Market

The highly fragmented global micro-mobility market with manufacturers with 20 to 25% of market shares. The key players operating in the market are:

  • Easy mile SAS
  • Go Bike
  • Micro mobility system
  • Bird rides Inc.
  • GoJek
  • Lime Bikes
  • Zomato
  • Rydies
  • Door Dash
  • Segway Inc.
  • Ola
  • Dynamic bicycles
  • Uber
  • Scoot network
  • Postmates
  • Zagster
  • Skip transportation
  • Grubhub
  • Sway mobility
  • Spin scooters
  • Beijing Mobile Technology Co. Ltd
  • Volatility GmbH
  • Marble

By Location

  1. Roads
  2. Tracks
  3. Footpaths

By requirement type

  1. Short distance journey
  2. First and last mile journey

By autonomy level

  1. Semi-autonomous
  2. Manual
  3. Autonomous

By application

  1. Private
  2. Commercial

By power source

  1. HEV
  2. BEV
  3. PHEV
  4. Fuel-powered
  5. Man powered

By region

  • Russia CIS
  • Spain
  • Rest of Europe

North America

  1. Canada
  2. U.S

Asia Pacific

  1. India
  2. Japan
  3. ASEAN
  4. China

Rest of the World

  1. Mexico
  2. GCC

The Future of Micro Mobility

In China, the micro-mobility is doubled as the citizen of China ride bikes in their overall trip for example the increase was recorded from 5.5% to 11.6% and also launched dock-less bike system in the city of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing.

In London in rush hours the most dominant vehicles are the bikes and fallen of congestion in 1999 was 40%.

In the US the public transmit was dropped 40% in urban markets of the U.S. while the increase in bikes is approx. up to 25% in 2017.  In the recent study by Virginia Tech Study, in Washington DC launched dockless system lower the income of the people, as the increase the access also racial minorities.

The growth of apps and services is constant and the number of vehicles are been constrained by governments of the city because the rate of the user of the vehicles is higher than the actual number of vehicles. Bikes, vehicles, and scooters are the concerns of the cities as the infrastructure are overwhelming. The governments are come up with strict rules and regulations regarding safety, parking, and minimized the rider’s age, etc.

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