Why You Should Consider Studying At AISECT University

AISECT University in Jharkhand is one of the leading private universities in India. It was established by the AISECT foundation in 2016 through the AISECT University Act. AISECT Jharkhand is one of those few universities in India that offer skill development training and vocational courses. The university offers a large number of undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in technical and non-technical subjects. Students can enrol into  one course at a time. AISECT Jharkhand also has a sister university in Bhopal with the name Rabindranath Tagore University. 

Courses in the following faculties are offered by the university

  • Faculty of arts and humanities
  • Faculty of commerce and management
  • Faculty of computer science and IT
  • Faculty of science
  • Faculty of agriculture

The courses offered by the university are offered in both distance and regular modes of education. To make sure that the courses remain interesting, all the courses have workshops and practical sessions. Guest lecturers are also invited to the university for conferences and seminars. This gives the students a chance to interact with the professionals who have been a part of the industry. The students can learn a lot from these interactions. 

The faculty members are extremely committed to imparting all the knowledge they have accumulated over the years to any student who gets enrolled in the university. They work really hard to make sure every student learns to the best of his/her capabilities. Every student has a different learning graph, therefore, faculties give individual attention to every student.

With technology taking over most aspects of life, the university also has smart classes to give a better learning experience to the students. Students have the facility to go back to sections they find particularly difficult to grasp onto, because of the availability of smart classes. The course curriculum is also updated on a regular basis according to industry standards. 

The university also has facilities like a placement cell that helps students to get a job right after graduation. The university also provides career counselling, soft skill training, and personality development sessions to the students so help them in cracking job interviews. The huge university campus is professionally designed with beautiful landscapes. Extracurricular activities like sports events,  and cultural fests are also organised here for the students. The library has a wide range of books available in every subject that a student can imagine. 

This university in Jharkhand gives the students a choice between technical and non-technical courses. For non-technical courses, admissions are based on merit and first come first serve basis, while the admissions for technical courses are based on AJEE scores. The admission procedure takes place from March to August. 

If you would like more information about the university and the courses, please contact https://www.aisectuniversityjharkhand.ac.in/ 

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