Confused in choosing Interactive Voice Resposnse (IVR) or Voicebots

It may be possible you are thinking about to communicate with your customers those who are not able to reach you, or you might not be reached to them. Now a days, most of the companies are starting to look for voice blasting messages when call volume is in a very large amount. The work of Voice automation is to leave a voice message to customers, but in order to leave a message, it can be harmful to your business’s potential customers. Also, the perception of your organization might be changed in the customer’s mind. On the other way, to emphasize your relation with your customers, you have to put more effort into missed contacts. You can easily do this with IVR software or Interactive Voice Response or Voicebot or Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA).

When you should use Interactive Voice Response or IVR:

IVR or Interactive Voice Response system is well designed automated phone system. It can quickly provide well-defined and sufficient information and perform like a pro for callers 24×7 hours. 

We are going to tell you about when you can use IVR for your business-

1. Calls will be in a queue and routs the calls in a very appropriate way.    

IVR is the solution to give call routing in a very appropriate way. It is the most accurate integrated phone call system for the call center.

2. At the point when you have a restriction to spend money. 

IVR was once exceptionally cost-restrictive, yet straightforward IVR applications that are facilitated in the cloud are moderately cheap to construct. Month-to-month charging depends on the quantity of minutes agents spend on the framework every month. 

3. At the point when you don’t have to give a conversational encounter. 

IVR is extraordinary for redundant questions by guests who need to get their data and leave. Our administration clients use IVR to give installment situations with, list situations with, administration data, and different applications that don’t need an “extravagant” client experience. 

4. At the point when you need to phone on many numerous beneficiaries. 

Our clients utilize outbound call center software like IVR to send cautions, help litigants remember their court date, and ask fuel stations how much fuel is left in their tanks. 

Voice bots, for example Canny Virtual Assistants. 

Let’s talk about Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and more applications. People are using these days in a very large amount, and by using these voice bots, it can quickly identify which music to play or which result should give to the user. This mass reception of remote helpers has prompted more noteworthy acknowledgment of business voice applications that are similar to IVR yet also altogether different. Voice bots use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify the goal of the guest’s solicitation. When it knows the plan, the Voicebot can perform bunch capacities, for example, arrangement setting, continuous status for transports and prepares, and revealing a pothole on your road. 

Voicebots are best for: 

1. At the point when you need to offer different channels of correspondence. 

Voice bots are essentially voice-empowered content bots so that you could run web visits, text informing, and social media informing without extra improvement exertion. 

2. At the point when you have a few different languages. 

Google Speech-to-Text upholds numerous dialects for both discourse acknowledgment and text and voice reactions. Remember, you actually need to create and prepare your bot in every language. Voice bots are incredible for interpretation as well. 

3. At the point when you need to exploit Natural Language Understanding (NLU). 

NLU is solely found in AI-based innovation. NLU can distinguish a client’s plan by what they say, rather than attempting to word-match expressions like in heritage discourse acknowledgment. This eliminates mistakes and velocities advancement. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and comparable items use NLU to recognize plans. 

4. At the point when you need to follow all that was said to your application. 

Simulated intelligence-based voice bots store all solicitations, including those that don’t coordinate with a goal. This permits you to add goals and reactions to new themes that individuals are getting some information about. 


While IVR has numerous utilizations, voice bots are getting up to speed regarding selection. Multiple organizations and government offices are now starting to dispatch voice bots while resigning their IVR software. Notwithstanding, there’s as yet a spot for IVR when that is all you need – voice bots can be pointless excess if the effortlessness and moderateness of IVR are sufficient to serve your utilization case. Later on, search for voice bot innovation to make up for a lost time here, too, as voice turns into the predominant PC connections mechanism.

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