Benefits of Having a Concrete Driveway at your Residence

The curb appeal of a home is immensely affected by the driveway, along with the landscape choices as well as the value of the property while you decide on a better-structured driveway that would be enough to meet your requirements. 

When it comes to the driveways, homeowners have myriad of choices to choose from such as that of concrete, gravel as well as asphalt. And each of them arrives with their benefits. 

Functionality – 

Relating to structural strength and long-term integrity, concrete is at the top of the list for highly functional materials. 

So perfect to accept even the largest SUV without showing any signs of deformation on the surface from the vehicle’s weight, even after prolonged parking. 

A concrete driveway if poured correctly can last for 30-years plus. Whereas, a gravel or asphalt drive will require frequent refurbishment or replacement.

Enhancing a Properties Appearance – 

When it comes to the concrete driveways, it necessarily need not be a slab finished in gray or other similar colors. You can now create driveways in a myriad range of attractive designs as well as multiple color choices as well as the textures and patterns. 

Pattern designs offer great flexibility options with a choice of brick, cobblestone or swirling patterns. Colored, textured or polished concrete can effectively enhance a property’s curb appeal.

Low Maintenance – 

Concrete driveway Sydney needs less maintenance work to maintain its overall appearance, the general marks, and the stains can be well eliminated with warm water as well as soap. Also, a solid surface like concrete is very easy to clear off the snow.

Cost-Efficiency – 

This driveway material usually offers greater cost-efficiency due to its increased lifespan over the surface of the concrete. 

Even though the cost of laying the surface isn’t inexpensive, this initial investment is soon returned due to its ability to increase the market value of a property, appearance, and overall functionality.

Environmental Friendly – 

Several environmental benefits come along with concrete. Using several recyclable materials, the surface of the driveway of this nature can be created. 

Concrete is also able to reflect light, which might help with reducing the need for so many external night lights. And finally, at the end of is lifespan, the driveway can be recycled into concrete aggregate or granular fill.

With the rise of innovations today you can have a beautiful driveway constructed at your place. You can also have a driveway of any design and color.

The Maintenance Involved In Concrete Driveways –

  • This means using the right concrete mix, a well-prepared concrete sub-grade, ensuring that the thickness of concrete used is as required, placing joints correctly, using reinforcement and proper finishing. Let it cure completely before beginning using it and use the proper curing procedure. 
  • Proper drainage is a must because constant water on the surface of the driveway will weaken it. If you don’t follow these guidelines accurately, your concrete driveway will likely begin to crack within a few months or begin leaking.
  • Once your concrete driveway is ready, it requires very little maintenance. Basic, simple routine care is all that is needed to maintain its glamorous look. Seal your driveway and clean regularly
  • The frequency of this will depend on how much traffic the driveway is exposed to every day as well as conditions such as the weather. As a general rule, a driveway should not take more than 2 years before resealing. 
  • If you notice signs of wear before the 2-year period is over, you can still reseal. Clean stains as soon as you notice them. Resealing will reduce staining by a wide percentage but you still need to watch out for oil or grease stains which are inevitable on a driveway. 
  • As tempting as using chemical deicers when it is snowy is, avoid them by all means as they cause chemical reactions on concrete. Try pouring sand on the driveway to provide traction. If you have a concrete driveway you are going to want to put a sealant on it to protect it. 
  • This is something that will need to be done when the driveway is first built and then it should also be done every three to ten years.
  • In general, if you live in a colder climate you will want to seal your driveway more often. Remember that before you seal your driveway the first time after it has just been built you need to make sure that you wait at least twenty-one days for the concrete to cure.

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