Signs Of Compressor Break Down In An Air Conditioner

Without your air conditioner, you would be sitting in a pool of sweat in hot weather. Your air conditioner is meant to serve you all around the season. It keeps the air in your home flowing with adequate freshness. But then, if your compressor starts malfunctioning, it might disrupt your home’s comfort and get you a bit worried. Do not get caught unaware. There are several signs of compressor breakdown in air conditioners you should check out.

Common Signs of Bad Compressor

Whether you are an expert HVAC technician or not, there are obvious signs that indicate your air conditioner compressor is going bad. Watch out for the following signs:

1. Compressor Leak 

The cooling agent in air conditioners, known as refrigerants, is pressurized by a compressor. In that process, it turns warm air flowing through the system into the cold. Compressors are prone to wear and tear after prolonged usage. Therefore, it can eventually leak liquid refrigerant. When this happens, call an expert to fix it immediately.

2. Strange Sounds

There is a typical sound the air conditioners make. However, when it starts making strange loud and unbearable sounds, you know it’s time to invite a pro to check it out. It could be that your air conditioner suffers from a failing compressor or some internal parts are worn out. 

3. Weak Airflow

At the early stage of a compressor failure, you may not notice that the airflow is weakening. However, after a while, you may notice that the airflow is not like how it used to be. When you notice this, do not wait until the airflow reduces finally before taking necessary actions. Reach out to a qualified and well-trained local HVAC technician to check it out for you.

4. Warm Air

Compressor issues can also cause warm air to flow out of your air conditioner. This commonly happens if you are low on refrigerant. When this happens, you may either be faced with a leaking compressor or need to refill the refrigerant. An expert will explain better after diagnosing what the issue is with your air conditioner.

5. Hot Condenser Unit

A bad air conditioner unit can cause the condenser to overheat. This metal box should be installed with at least 3 feet of space on every side to ensure it stays ventilated. If this compressor were supposed to break down, it could not affect the condenser unit. 

6. Overcharged Electric Bills

Have you noticed your electric bills on the rise, even when you are not consuming much energy in the home? Then, the increased energy consumption could be traced down to a malfunctioning compressor. Compressors tend to run longer than supposed when it is not working efficiently. 


If you are experiencing a compressor breakdown, you must call in a professional air conditioner repair to diagnose and fix what is wrong. However, you have several options as solutions to this issue. You can buy a new compressor, condenser, air conditioner, or a brand-new HVAC system for your home. A relevant solution will bring great comfort to your home throughout the season.

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