Common house styles in Colorado

Every state has its specific architectural styles and unique panoramas. These panoramas include major elements such as terrain, official buildings, and, most noticeably, house designs. In this article, we will talk about the average Colorado home characteristics. Colorado State is one of the top fascinating places in the US, located in the Mount West area. It comprises the larger part of the Southern Rocky Mountains and a significant piece of the Colorado Plateau. So, these relief characteristics have reflected a lot on Colorado’s picturesque house styles. If you are moving there, besides usual things to consider when moving to a new state, it is not a bad idea to explore in advance which of these styles to opt for. Even though trends have changed a lot throughout the years, and more and more people strive towards unique and original house solutions, here are the most common house styles in Colorado.

Mountain Rustic

Inspired by the majestic Colorado mountain chains and adopted to sustain the climate, these houses look cozy and impressive at the same time. One of the styles with the longest tradition has been perfectly preserved and improved by modern exterior solutions and interior home decor. The combination of logs and stones not only provides excellent protection and stability but never goes out of style too. With the house built this way, you will be completely sheltered from unpredictable outside conditions, while at the same time, your home will wonderfully blend with its surroundings. It is no wonder then that Mountain Rustic style has stayed in Colorado for so long.

Colorado Prairie house style

This is another traditional style that developed in harmony with its surroundings. It was the most popular at the beginning of the 20th century in Denver. Endless open prairie spaces have made it possible for the houses here to extend mainly horizontally. This signature horizontal organization is the most common characteristic of the Colorado Prairie house style. Besides this, flat roofs installed low can often be noticed here. These roofs often have sides extending past the support walls to create shadows. Finally, subtle decorations combined with small windows, arranged in rows, give an altogether impression of a refreshing oasis in the midst of the ever-warm prairie. If you are planning to move somewhere in the area, this is an excellent real estate option.

American Bungalow

American Bungalow houses became popular around the same time as the previously mentioned Prairie style. However, these two do not have too many characteristics in common. While the prairie houses could have gone to a significant horizontal extent, American Bungalows were more characterized by limited size. Owners of these houses, on the other hand, take details seriously. And moving to their new home cannot happen before everything is perfect. Even if this means getting a helping hand during the relocation process, everything in these houses should be in the right place. The narrow inside space is carefully planned for maximum efficiency. Different types of pillars, porches, and outside stairs are common trademarks of these houses. This cost-effective style remains ideal for small families and newly married couples to this day. Natural materials are back in fashion with renting houses as well. So if you are buying to rent in Colorado, this should be the style to go after.

Different revival styles

Revivals are such an extensive category of Colorado house styles that, to get a full grasp of them, most likely, you will need to find the perfect real estate agent to help you. Revival style in the narrowest sense means a reproduction of some eminent style from the past. We will try to introduce you to some of the predominant ones briefly.

  • Colonial Revival– Colonial style is present all around the States, and as such, it is quite familiar to everybody. Different designs exist within the group. However, some elements like broken pediments, 8-over-8 sash windows, columns, and portico are there in most cases.
  • Classic Revival– the USA recreation of the European classical styles. It is Greece and Rome architecture brought to the States. Classical Greek columns are, of course, a must in this style.
  • Gothic Revival– Impressive towers, pointy roofs and windows, and sharp lines, in general, are what make this style easily recognizable everywhere.
  • Mediterranean revival– A piece of Mediterranean culture in America. A signature heavy tile roof is present on schools, churches, and private homes of this style. On top of that, the arcade porch, entrances, and windows create an official, solemn atmosphere around these buildings.

Contemporary Colorado house styles

Contemporary Colorado house styles are primarily present in Colorado Springs. It is no wonder that modern and practical solutions are taking over the previous outpaced ones in the city with such progressive views. Many predict that Colorado Springs is soon to take the lead over Denver because of that fact. So in case, you are still choosing the city in Colorado to move to, opt for Colorado Springs and relocate in a quick and simple way. The highlight is on practicality here. Not only does the city have the advantage of immense natural beauty, but its contemporary architecture further accentuates the breathtaking views. It is not easy, however, to point out the main features of this style. Architects often play with different shapes and components. But, what they have in common are usually huge windows, large living rooms with a lot of light, and usage of environment-friendly energy sources.

Such a vast and naturally rich state will, as anticipated, be the cradle for numerous expressive house styles in Colorado. Breathtaking nature has been an inspiration to people throughout human history. Many buildings have been drawn, planned, and built thanks to this. An ample amount of historical buildings are still standing proudly on their ground to remind us of that fact. It is similar with houses all over the US, and for that matter, Colorado State. Colorado State is one of the states with the highest number of house-building styles. Of course, the list goes much further from the above-given one. But we have tried our best to bring closer to you at least some of the most significant styles. We hope that, with this guide, your search will be, at least somewhat, easier.

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