Common Forms of Clergy Wear

    clergy wear

    Being a member of the clergy means you have to abide by the uniform guidelines of the church. This is not hard to do and all clergy members happily oblige, but there is only one issue that arises when it comes to clergy wear. That issue is where to exactly find it.

    Common Forms of Clergy Wear

    Finding appropriate and affordable clergy wear can be hard to come by. These garments are not like other forms of clothing. You are unable to go to your local retail store and find racks of clergy attire. The need for clergy wear can be viewed as a niche market considering the general public doesn?t normally need this type of clothing.

    Nonetheless, clergy wear is still needed for individuals who work for their church. From an outsider?s perspective, it?s not commonly known how diverse the range of clothing items needed for clergy members is. Depending on the specific job role, there is a corresponding clergy garment that goes along with each job.

    It could be interesting to know what type of clergy wear your pastors or ministers are wearing next time you attend Sunday church.

    Types of Clergy Wear

    Cassock –

    A cassock is a Christian clerical clothing coat typically worn in Catholic churches and other  Protestant denominational churches. This is a Latin term that translates to ?ankle-length garment.? This garment is also commonly worn by church choirs and members of the church who serve an official role or office. Although this garment reaches the ankles, pants are usually worn underneath.

    Vestments –

    Vestments are different from other clergy wear and look and function like a robe. To fit the requirements of the church, this clergy garment is worn with other accessories and pieces to complete the outfit. Sometimes, vestments are worn in conjunction with cassocks, cinctures, and surplices. 

    Clergy Robes – 

    This clerical garment is usually accompanied by a long trail of buttons to close the robe. Usually, a clergy robe is worn with pants and a shirt underneath. Depending on the site, clergy robes can come in a variety of colors and styles.

    A lot of these clergy garments can be found in great colors and styles to match you and your church?s requirements. As stated before, all of these garments can?t be typically found in your local Target or shopping mall, so you need to find a retailer that specializes in clerical wear. This ensures that you will no longer struggle with finding appropriate garments and accessories for future church services ever again.

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