Know About the Hidden Meaning of Colorful Vivacious Flowers

colorful vivacious flowers

People often state that flowers have their own language. They come in different varieties & colors, and each symbolizes the distinctive emotions and sentiments. These beauties are also used to communicate different thoughts & feelings when simple words fail. They are perfect for all occasions and can be given as a gift to loved ones. 

These beauties are often sent to celebrate the special days like birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine?s Day, any good news, etc., to offer condolences during times of loss, or to convey your heartfelt feelings to someone you love. Florists are also the best messengers in the world. They offer you a variety of unique flowers at affordable prices and also the online flower delivery Gurgaon, Pune, and other parts of the regions. The florists are so skilled that they will help you to choose the best one to convey your feelings to another. 

The hidden symbology and meaning make the people choosy while selecting the gorgeous flowers for their loved ones on the special events. Do you want to know about the hidden meaning of these stunning colorful flowers? If yes, then in this article, we have decoded the symbolic meaning of flowers to familiarize you with the new world of flowers that will help you. With this knowledge, you can add an enormous charm and essence to your floral gift.

Here we deciphered the hidden symbolic meaning of the colorful vivacious flowers are:


According to Greek and Roman mythologies, roses are associated with the Goddess of love & beauty. The magnificent charm of these blooming beauties conveys the unspoken messages from ancient times. They come in a plethora of colors like red, pink, yellow, orange, white, purple, etc. and each hue represents the different meanings & emotions. 

Like the red color signifies the deep love & abiding passion for the lovers, the pink hue represents appreciation, affection, & recognition. White roses embody modesty & innocence while orange roses illustrate the excitement & appreciation. Peach symbolizes humbleness while the yellow represents friendship & happiness. So, select the flower according to the message you want to convey and send to your dear ones house using the online flower delivery in Mumbai and other nation?s corner.


With the royal beauty and opulent elegance, lilies become the popular gifting flowers for various occasions. These lovely blooms symbolize humility, faith, purity, & commitment. Just like roses, lilies also come in different colors and symbolize the distinctive meaning. 

White lilies symbolize purity and integrity, while the white stargazer expresses purity & sympathy. Yellow color evokes lightheartedness and gaiety while purple stands for accomplishment & admiration. So, order bouquet online that evokes your heartfelt feelings truly.


Tulip is a very popular flower. The dark velvety center of the flower signifies the heart of a lover. These blooms represent true love and passion. They also come in different hues like red, yellow, pink, & white. The red hue of tulips represents deep love & affection, whereas yellow stands for hope & happy thoughts. Pink tulips represent confidence & happiness, and white stands for the apologies when it becomes difficult to say sorry with words.  


Carnations flowers spread their charm for a very long time. They are found in a wide range of colors that represent different symbolism. Generally, they are symbolic of love, prestige, and admiration. These blooms are mostly used during the celebrations of Mother?s day, teacher?s day, and weddings, but apart from this, the pleasant scent of these flowers also makes them a trendy beautiful bouquet for your special ones. The white carnations represent love & good luck, while light red represents admiration. Pink carnations evoke the motherly undying love.????????


They are the delicate, graceful, & exotic flowers that represent the elegant beauty, love, and strength. These flowers represent luxury from ancient times and continue to lurk in people?s minds with their delicate beauty and magnificent charm. 

These flowers are also found in different colors, and each represents the different symbols. Like white orchid?s stands for innocence, charm, & reverence while pink stands for womanhood, agility, & joy. The purple color stands for royalty and fondness, whereas yellow stands for friendship & fresh beginnings. 

Here we listed the popular flowers with their hidden symbolic meaning. So, next time, choose the flower that expresses your feelings beautifully.


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