How Coliving Spaces Foster Community and Social Connections?

coliving spaces

Co-living- the word itself has “co” in it, which signifies company which is a basic necessity of humans for survival. Coliving is a place where you can live with other people. Shared space, shared kitchen, and a chance to know people on your travels. Coliving spaces are all about blurring the boundaries, smudging them a little on the sides, and creating space for others to know people better, learn about their adventures, and make some new friends and unique journeys so far.

Yet, if you are wondering how coliving spaces foster community and social connection, read on, and next time, you would want to stay in a coliving space.

It’s All About Community

What have you earned from your travels, apart from the memories? Umm, made you think about it? Well, if you are a solo traveller, there must be a reason behind it, right? Because the more people tag along, the more vigorous travel plans need to be, and the more you get caught up in your little, familiar bubble. 

When did you last meet a stranger on your travel and hit it off? Never? This is the time. Many stories are available on the internet about living spaces in Malta alone, where people found some amazing friends. They met on a beach and started talking, and it became an unforgettable memory. They met in the kitchen of their coliving and found that they hailed from the same country.

These are not just incidents; coliving spaces create these. They allow people to meet, which is not possible in a seven-star hotel lobby. Coliving spaces are all about communities, and they are designed in a way that allows you to create more social connections. Say, you have a shared kitchen space, see people during breakfast, or meet them on the terrace, and there you go.

Elongated Stays Change Things A Lot.

A hotel stay of a month will empty your bank account, but a coliving space won’t. They are meant for long stays and, thus, allow you more time to mingle. The best coliving spaces in Europe offer multiple options to book your stay for a day, a week, a month, or even a year. In addition, with digital nomad visas and affordable stays, you get a chance actually to know people instead of merely getting acquainted.

The more you live in a place, the more you can relax and open up to the people around you once you know how things work. Coliving spaces are affordable. And if you are a remote worker on a digital nomad visa, they are the perfect choice. Your elongated stays can help you find who have similar interests as you, or you can find people who can help you progress in your career. It is also amazing to find your own countrymen in foreign lands and hit it off. These bonds cannot be created unless you break the monotony and leave your comfort. 

You See the Real Europe

Some best hotspots for digital nomads are in Europe, such as Malta, Portugal, Spain, Greece, etc., and the only way to see the real Europe is by living among the locals. Roaming beaches, eating in exotic restaurants and staying in hotels is for tourists. But when you are in a coliving space, and you are not rushing every morning to complete your itinerary, you have a chance to hang out at the nearest café and sip a coffee while checking your morning mail and enjoying the scenery around. Regularly stopping by convenience stores allows you to hold meaningful conversations with the locals as they see you shopping around. You can learn about their struggles, how the local system works, what more is to learn there if you want to prolong your stay, etc. To see real Europe, you must meet real people and see their country with their eyes. 

Your fellow rentals can also help you avoid the mistakes they made when they first landed in the country and show you around. Coliving is fun.

Diverse Cultures

Coliving spaces in Malta and other European countries allow you to experience diverse cultures. The hotspots for digital nomads are full of people from the entire world, and thus, you have a better chance of learning about their different cultures, their folklore, and unique tales. Remember that being a digital nomad means you work but are also on a long vacation. Therefore, the more you communicate, the deeper you connect. 

Final Words

Coliving spaces will make you want more of the community life as the experiences will leave you baffled and excited, and you will want more of it. Coliving spaces fulfil society’s much-needed companionship requirement and lack of social touch. Coliving spaces have become necessary for Gen Z and fostering their social connections while travelling.


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