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What is it?

The application Clubhouse was developed by the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and ex google employee Rohan Seth, this application is an exclusive invite only, audio chat-based application which has inbuilt talk back radio feature, part conference call and part house party.

If you are looking for insights on this application then you have clicked on the right link. Nico Digital with due all respects to the reference material of Oktopost has produced this article after conducting elaborate and constructive research work. Now let’s get straight into the information.

Clubhouse enables its users to listen in to conversations, interviews and discussions amongst interesting people on plenty of matters. For instance, a podcast; clubhouse lets you contribute to the conversation in that podcast.

How does it help your brand?

Start making connections just like any other social application.

The rooms in this social application are mostly based on public speaking, content marketing, email marketing etc. which is why experts of the above-mentioned respective fields are already integrated and not based on who you already know like for example; LinkedIn. The only function of the user would be to follow someone, that way you would know when they are in a room.

Helps in Brand Building 

Meaningful and honest conversations help in brand building. When conversations take place face to face marketing gets more focus. That allows people behind the brand to join conversations. Most of the employees have less chances of having constructive discussions about the companies’ affairs. Especially when there is a lack of trade shows and conferences in a year.

Selling Socials and Advocacy of Employees

You are tied to your employer brand on LinkedIn but on Clubhouse it is not the same case. Here you can develop your own voice and promote where you work. In this modern era where technology is taking over and perhaps almost everything is being digitized. Around 42% of B2B buyers do not trust brands and their lack of faith is growing dominant day by day. Therefore, using your employees on Clubhouse may be an effective B2B strategy. The best way to determine your company’s position is to create a platform to discuss matters related to the queries and curiosities of potential consumers which can prove to be the perfect way to build brand trust and enhance goodwill and to understand the market.

Now, the thing to keep in mind would be that as an employer you should be easy going towards your employees inflicting that freedom.

Growing other channels is as important

At Clubhouse you can create meaningful conversations and when this conversation gets over the majority may want to continue the discussion or seek for more information on the moderators, speakers and the members of the audience.

Your bio is that place where they can find out more about you or where you work, this is a procedure that B2B organizations use in order to grow other channels, mostly social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram as they direct their club following someplace else in order to acquire more experience and information.

In house teams

Some are confident speakers on camera and make way for interesting discussions which is why sharing rooms with your colleagues could prove it worth to get more insights on all functions and lingo; like all other network clubhouses has its own perks.

It’s important to stand out

According to various statistical data 35% of people haven’t heard of Clubhouse. From this it can be considered that Clubhouse is not that popular. Being in a competitive space doesn’t really stand that you are the authority. Everyone shares their opinion.

The People Involved:

  • Audience – the conversation (muted!) for them
  • Moderator – moderates the conversation and is marked with a green star next to their name. They have equal authority, so bear in mind you know the people you are granting the moderator status. 
  • Speaker- The unmuted microphone will appear on the right side of that person’s profile photo.

 More Jargon

  • Clubs: You can follow these groups or join / receive notifications whenever a discussion on that particular topic takes place.
  • Hallway: The clubs and lounges that may interest you are suggested by the main home page of the app.
  • Lounges: This is the portal where the conversations take place. More like mini conference rooms. 
  • Stage: The part where everyone can talk. The moderator is automatically on stage and it is his/her role to get the audience to speak “on stage”. 
  • Party hat: Appears on your behalf for the first week that you are on the app. 
  • PTR: Acronym for “Pull to Refresh” (refreshing the page to see new suggestions and update the room) 
  • Waiting list: You can sign up for the waiting list and wait for a friend to “release” you! 
  • Town Hall: Takes place once a week on Sundays at 5pm.
  • GNT: In this room you will find the founders of the Clubhouse app. This is where they answer questions and share their opinion.

Author Bio:

Aditya is the Founder and CEO of Nico Digital and Digital Polo. He has attained the pinnacle of brand design expertise by delivering true value to brands and marketers. After pursuing his higher education in Business Analysis from Manchester Business School, he has helped both Nico Digital and Digital Polo unlock its true branding potential globally. You can reach out to him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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