5 Insane Cloud Storage Facts That Will Surely Blow You Away

Insane Cloud Storage Fact

Cloud Computing is one of the latest and most amazing technologies in today’s time. It is one of the technologies that have many future scopes and is helpful in many ways. You can know more about the emerging technologies via TechiePlus. If you are new to this technology, you need to look at the following facts and features of cloud computing that will make you ponder.

1. File Synchronization

This feature of cloud storage helps you access any particular data with various devices. That means if you upload something to the cloud, you will be able to access it using any other device. You need not require the same device with which you uploaded it. Whether it is a document, audio file, video, images, all kinds of data can be placed into the cloud.

Insane Cloud Storage Fact

Not just that, if you have a single document, multiple users will be able to access it provided you have permitted them. If you want your friends to join in for your assignment, give them access to the file. With this feature, you and your colleagues can simultaneously work on a single file on different devices from different places.

In a Nutshell ? Users can access any data from various devices.

2. Backup

This feature helps you to keep your data safe in the cloud. You can easily create a backup by uploading your files and folders into the cloud. This not only gives you the security of keeping it safe, but it also means that no matter what happens to your device, your data will not be destroyed.

Many times we face such situations where our mobile phones or desktops stop functioning properly. In such situations, you are asked to format your device, leading you to lose all the data you had in that device. This backup feature helps you keep all your precious data safe and secure till the time you need them. Also, there is a feature that you can add to your device where, whenever you create a new document, it will automatically create a backup. Using this feature, you do not have to upload your files every time.

In a Nutshell ? The files can be safely stored in cloud storage without occupying any space in your device.

3. Sharing files 

This is a self-explanatory feature. It is a feature that helps you share the data with any other user. This comes with additional safety measures. If you have a document that you need to share with a person without letting them edit any of the files, you can simply do that by selecting the option.

This feature helps you share your data with anyone you want and use any sharing platform. Additionally, there is very little data usage for sharing the file. All you have to do is send the link to the file, and the other person can easily access it.

In a Nutshell ? The files can be easily shared with other users, along with the privacy settings.

4. Object Versioning

This is one of the most amazing features that cloud storage has to offer. If you enable this feature, there is not a single data that you will ever lose. It means you can retrieve all the older versions of your files. Anything you might think that is gone or deleted, you can access it with this feature’s help.

This feature helps to retain all the objects that are either formatted or deleted. Let me give you a brief explanation of how this feature works.

Every object that is stored in the cloud has certain unique properties attached to it. This is how the system can differentiate between all the data that you put in. Now when you delete an object which has this feature enabled, a copy of the object is automatically saved in the system. After this, if you want to retrieve it, you can easily do so with the help of that particular file’s properties. Although not all service providers have this feature, you can easily check which service provider is giving you this feature.

In a Nutshell ? Any deleted data can be restored using this feature.

5. Retrieving files

This feature is similar to the one we just discussed, i.e., object versioning. Most of the cloud services offer this feature. Either it is a default feature, or you might have to install it separately. This feature is just like a trashcan. When you put any unnecessary data into the trash can, it stays there for some time before being deleted completely.

There is a particular time limit. If you re-access the data within that time limit, you will retrieve your data and save it again. But if you cross the time limit, it will completely vanish from the system. So if you have deleted something by mistake, you don’t have to worry much. You can immediately restore it.

In a Nutshell ? Data that is deleted can be recovered within the time limit.


You might get the idea of how cool this technology is and why it is so popular nowadays. Although this is not enough, I will give you a bonus fact that will surely blow your mind beyond expected.

Cloud storage is ‘limitless.’ Yes, you heard that right. No matter how much data you might upload to the cloud, it will always have more available space for your next data. This not only makes it easier for you as a user but solves a global issue by having an endless amount of available space for storage.

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