The Complete Guide to Clothing Dressing and Matching Skills

“People rely on clothing, horses rely on saddles.” Clothing matching is a matter of university. People who are good at matching give people the impression of taste, and those who don’t understand matching give people the impression of sloppy.

clothing dressing

Dressing should be based on temperament and occasion. Everyone has different temperament components. Some people have several temperaments and they can wear several types of clothes. Some people have only one temperament and can only wear one type of clothes. .

What kind of clothes to wear on what occasions, such as banquets, should wear more decent dresses; for funerals, you should wear more uniform clothes, preferably white or black, rather than fancy dresses; negotiation, It is best to wear a suit to look formal and so on. Therefore, please don’t underestimate the matching of clothes. If you wear well, you can get twice the result with half the effort. On the contrary, if you wear messy clothes, maybe a good thing will fail before it starts. Buy Women clothes and save with Boden promo code 25 off and Asos NHS discount code

There are two main reasons for dressing and matching, one is the matching between styles; the other is the matching between colors. But whether it is the style or the color combination, the word “harmony” is emphasized. Western-fitted trousers are called matching, pajamas and trousers are called chaotic sets; warm colors with warm colors blend together, and cool colors and warm colors produce repulsion.

Speaking of temperament, I have to mention body shape. Thin people can wear brighter “colors”, bright colors make people feel swelled and look fatter; fat people can wear darker “colors”, dark colors It makes people feel contracted and looks thinner.

For example, if the skin tone is darker, MM can wear darker lining; MM with not white legs can wear dark stockings. In addition, dark stockings can also have a stovepipe effect; MM with short legs can wear tops. Wear short, high-waisted trousers to make your legs look taller. Don’t wear long skirts or long boots, which will make your legs short. Wear short skirts, short boots, etc. to make your legs more exposed.Buy clothing and don’t miss BigClothing4u discount code at NHS Discount Code

Colors are divided into “light and heavy”, light colors make people feel light, dark colors make people feel heavy; therefore, you should also pay attention to the color ratio when dressing, and don’t make people feel top-heavy. The light color is on top and the heavy color is on the bottom. The area of ​​light color should not be more than twice the area of ​​heavy color, and vice versa. Clothes have a golden ratio range. The upper part is too light and the upper part is too heavy to look good. It is like wearing a white apron on the top and a pair of black trousers underneath, which will give people a sense of imbalance.

Putting down the “color emotion”, white is clean and pure; black is stable and mysterious; red is enthusiasm and unrestrained; blue is generous and wise; yellow is brisk and vitality; green is quiet and refined… …But the feeling of color is not absolute. It will have different effects in different light environments, such as white, which gives people a clean, pure and comfortable feeling in the sun, while under dimly lit street lamps, it gives people a sense of comfort. With cold, gloomy discomfort. If you want to know more, you can ask.

Also, it is best not to have more than three colors on your body. Too many colors can make people feel messy and unfresh.

In addition, some fabrics with too many colors can make people look old.

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