4 Clever Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Perth Home

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Looking for smart ways to fortify your home against potential intruders? Well, you?ve come to the right place. Home security is something of an essentiality for all homeowners these days, especially considering our continuously rising population here in Australia. But if you?re new to the world of home security and aren?t really sure on how to get started, don?t fret, because we?ve got you covered. Read on to discover some clever ways on how to burglar-proof your Perth home effectively! 

Install Security Doors

If you?re want a sure-fire way of burglar-proofing your home, then it?s a great idea to turn your attention towards physical security products first off. Strong and durable barriers are what?s going to prevent thieves and potential intruders from even being able to get into your home in the first place. And considering that your front door is one of the most commonly utilised points of entry into your household, it?s best to focus on beefing up this vulnerable entryway before moving on to your windows or back door?s security. 

Custom security doors are a simple yet highly effective way for you to fortify your front door?s security, whilst also working to increase your home?s aesthetic appeal at the same time. When you opt to work with a custom security doors supplier in Perth, you will be free to customise a wide range of aspects revolving around your security doors, including its material, colour, style- even the type of mesh that is used! Best of all, security doors are built to adhere to strict Australian standards, which makes them highly resistant against a range of common forced-entry methods. Needless to say, you?ll be able to invest in these security solutions with full confidence. 

Invest in a Good Lock

In conjunction with your security doors, you should also make sure that your front door has an adequate locking solution installed. Generally, it?s recommended that front doors have a minimum of at least two locks. Deadbolt locks are always encouraged for installation on doors, as these types of locks are capable of resisting against forced entry attempts. If you want the lock to function at it?s best, you should also make sure that the bolt extends fully into its hole. Moreover, you should ensure that this hole is reinforced with a strike plate. 

Get Security Screens

So, now that you?ve got your front door?s security done and dusted, it?s time to move onto the second most vulnerable entry points into your home- your windows. Now, with the right amount of force and effort, any burglar with the appropriate tools would be able to smash through your bare windows with ease. On the other hand, with security screens installed over your windows, busting into your home won?t be as easy for desperate crooks. Security screens are built to the same strict standards that security doors are manufactured to meet, so you can trust that they?ll be fully capable of providing your home with the level of defence and protection that it needs. Since security screens are also available with a wide range of customisable options, you can also expect to find the perfect product to suit your home each and every time. 

Invest in CCTV Cameras

Did you know that CCTV cameras are known to be one of the best deterrents against burglars? Of course, this really comes as no surprise. After all, no burglar wants to risk having themselves or their actions identified and recorded on video footage. CCTV cameras installed around your home will not only work to discourage burglars from attempting to infiltrate into your property. In addition to this, it will also provide you with evidence you need to back up your case in court, should these burglars proceed with attempting to break into your property anyway.?

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