Cleansing the Germs Away With Hand Sanitizers

hand sanitizer

With germs spreading across countries and taking the form of deadly viruses, humans are under a huge threat of getting attacked by illnesses that could affect their body?s systems and leave them sick for a long time. And so, with the threat of long-lasting life hazards hovering around, taking all the necessary precautions has become vital. One such case which has made taking precautions extremely important is the emergence of Corona Virus.

The Covid19 has taken over the world like storm and is spreading like fire. It has affected people?s health greatly and is continuing to do so today as well. Originating from China, it has spread all over the world and shows no chances of stopping. However, taking precaution against Covid19 has limited its spread substantially which has come in the form of wearing masks and, more importantly, using sanitizers.

Composition of Sanitizers

Your pocket size hand sanitiser may look small but it has quite a lot of ingredients in it. All the chemicals and compounds used in it react together to protect you against germs and keep you safe. The composition comprises numerous ingredients which go as follows.

  • The emollients, base, fragrance, polycrylate, and colors make up 1% of the solution.
  • The water part of the sanitizer makes up 40% of the solution
  • The most active ingredient in sanitizers is alcohol which makes up 60% of the solution

The main purpose that sanitizers serve is to protect you from germs and take care of your health at all times. Their composition ensures doing so while preserving the delicacy of your skin. Firstly, the emollients present in them ensure your skin is kept safe from the dying effects of alcohol. The polyacrylate neutralizes the base by adding water in the composition and reduces the acidic effects of it to make it safe for use.

hand sanitizer

The color and smell of the sanitizer are made in the most pleasurable ways so they entice the users into applying them to ensure their safety being in check always. Also, the water part in sanitizers ensures carrying the ingredients in the solution swiftly and in an appropriate quantity.

The main ingredient that is responsible for all the action is alcohol. It fights the germs by tearing the lipid-based coatings of the bacteria apart and destroying them once and for all. It is the main part of the solution that allows the solution to do its job and push the germs away from you.                                                                                              

Types of Sanitizers

There are numerous ways you can sanitize yourself and keep yourself cleansed. There are two main types of sanitizers which include the alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones. The alcoholic sanitizers contain around 60%-95% of alcohol which takes the form of isopropanol, n-propanol, or ethanol. At high concentrations, alcohol takes the original form of protein away and neutralizes some of the microorganisms easily. The non-alcoholic sanitizers are mostly based on disinfectants or on antimicrobial agents. They look after your health equally well but with just a little alcohol present in them.

Benefits of Using A Sanitizer

Using sanitizers is a necessity now and it is because of their effectiveness that a large population of the world is safe the deadly corona virus. Here are the main benefits of using sanitizers that make it easy to carry.

Kills Microorganisms

The alcohol present in sanitizers kills the bacteria and all other microorganisms that cause illnesses. Once you apply a sanitizer, you can brush away your worries of getting infected as it gets rid of the germs quite promptly.

Easy To Use

It is the easiest to carry and use because of its small size and dense, non-liquid form. You can take it around wherever you go and keep yourself sanitized at all times. Also, it is quite feasible to use as well. All you have to do is to open its little cap, squeeze a drop or two out and let it dry for a few nano-seconds after which it activates its superpowers instantly.

Pleasant Odor

The gooey texture and refreshing scent of sanitizers is one reason why they are used not just for safety but for fun as well. Its look and form makes it attractive which is what you want a pharmaceutical product to be so it used more willingly.

Waterless Form

Its thick texture keeps it from flowing and dripping which makes it easy to use on the hands. You don?t need a sink near to when you are using a sanitizer as its composed form stays on the hand for a long time.

How to Use A Sanitizer?

There are certain do?s and don?ts of using hand sanitizers that you need to keep in mind as you apply sanitizer on your body. Here?s all you need to take care of while using it.

The Do?s

  • Use sanitizers only when there is no soap or water available for cleansing yourself as they?re the better options
  • Go for an alcoholic sanitizer that has at least 60% of alcohol in it to ensure having your germs killed fast
  • Apply it thoroughly and cover your palms and fingers with it completely
  • Keep rubbing it for no less than 20 seconds to make sure all the germs on your hands are killed
  • Store it in a cool and dry location to preserve its quality and functioning for a long time

The Don?ts

  • Do not ingest sanitizer as it is made of poisonous chemicals that work effectively on the skin only
  • Do not attempt to make your own sanitizer as it won?t have the same quality and effectiveness that one made by the experts have
  • Do not wipe or wash your hands after applying it as it will get rid of them easily
  • Do not touch your face after applying it as you skin can be sensitive to the chemicals used in it and it might get harmed from it
  • Do not go near fire or flames after applying its alcohol content can get you catching flames easily

Summing It Up

Sanitizers have had their importance highlighted ever since this pandemic has grabbed everybody?s attention. As of now, it has become a necessary item for everybody to carry with themselves and stay safe at all times. Its numerous benefits and how it effects different parts and systems of your body makes it a must-have for everybody today.

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