Tips For Choosing The Right Hybrid Event Platform

Hybrid is an amalgamation of two things—an event with a physical audience and live coverage of the whole event for audiences across the globe. Hybrid events are interactive and engaging so that participants can experience the essence of the event like they were there.

A report shows that 97% of marketers believe hybrid events are the future of the event industry.

It’s never been easier to choose the proper event management and marketing platform. Organizations are increasingly looking for hybrid delivery solutions to help them manage their events. Due to the emergence of many new vendors, there are many misconceptions about hybrid technology. We have some tips to help you make the right decision.

1. Type of event you want to host

It is essential to decide what kind of hybrid event you want to host. You can host a seminar or conference, or even a team meeting if you’re thinking about organizing a forum where employees from your company can join.

These are some questions that you should know the answers to:

  • What topics or subjects will be covered at the event?
  • Who will host the event, and who will be the speakers?
  • Is there a rough agenda for the event?
  • Do you have a rough estimate of the guest list included in the LIVE audience and virtual audience?
  • Do you have a list of hybrid event platforms that may suit your needs?
  • Are there sponsors that might be interested in sponsoring the event?

You must answer these questions before moving on to the next step, selecting the best virtual conference platform to host your event.

2. Hybrid event platform

It is crucial to choose a hybrid event platform that will enhance the event experience and provide significant support in marketing campaigns.

Features such as survey pools, virtual exhibition, insight and analytics, and social media integrations are crucial for smooth event flow and reach.

3. Experience and stability of the platform 

It can also feel overwhelming to choose the right platform according to the company and goals. You want to select a provider that allows you to grow and integrate well. It is impossible to gain experience in months, so you must choose a platform with experience and stability. You will need to have reliability and a track record. Asking for references from clients is a great way to find out.

4. Privacy and Certification of the platform

You want to make sure that the platform provider you choose has your trust in the future. To achieve this, you should review your provider’s security standards. It is essential to ensure that the platform you choose takes data privacy and security seriously. Although most event software providers claim to be compliant with ISO 27001:2013 and GDPR, very few are certified. Certified software solutions undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure that the organization adheres to the most current security standards. Finally, it would be best to examine where data is stored and who has access to it. Also, be aware of any previous issues like a data breach with the platform you are choosing.

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