Choosing A Painting Company: Helpful Tips

Painting Company

If your house requires some touch-up or you would like to change the interior or exterior colours, choosing a painting company is the best way to go about it. This article provides insight on how to choose a painting company. 

What You Need to Know About Choosing a Painting Company

The appearance of any house says a lot about its owner. If you want to improve your house’s interior or exterior aesthetics, painting is a great way to do so. It is an inexpensive method of remodelling that leaves your house looking new and clean. Here is how to go about selecting a painting company.

Consult a House Painter or Contractor 

When selecting a painting company, ensure you ask as many questions as you possibly can. Do not leave anything out. Here are a few important questions you should ask:

  1. Are the painting contractors licenced? All painting companies London are required to have a state permit, that indicates they are qualified to perform the job. It also helps in holding the contractor accountable in the event the job done is below standards.
  2. What are their customers’ reviews? Ask about their previous clients and be sure to verify them. You could also look through the reviews of previous customers to get a feel of the services they provide.
  3. Do the employees have workmen’s compensation insurance? When selecting a painting company for your house, make sure that they have insurance for their workers. If an accident occurs while working and the company does not have insurance, the financial responsibility falls on the house owner. 
  4. Ask about the workings of the job. How will they go about the prepping for painting the house? What kind of paint will be used and how long will the whole process take? These questions are important in choosing your painting company and ensuring that only top quality materials are used. Knowing how long the painting will take can help in organising your schedule. 
  5. What is the cost? When choosing a painting contractor, do not simply go after the one with the lowest price but instead focus on the kind of quality they provide. This is because the quality is more important, and it usually goes in hand with the price. Compare their customers’ reviews with the cost and quality and go for the most reasonable.
  6. Do they have a warranty? Choose a painting company with a good warranty and ensure they have the warranty in written form. 

Summary of How To Hire an Interior and Exterior Painter

Choosing the right house painter, contractor or painting company requires you to do a few things before arriving at a decision. You start by meeting with the experts and letting them know exactly what you want and expect. Next, you ask them for the price estimates. The estimates should be in writing. You must go through their credentials and previous records before agreeing to a contract. Obtain the complete contract and also a copy of their employees’ workmen compensation insurance. Do not forget to ask for their warranty in written form. 

Hiring a Contractor Vs Doing It Yourself

Doing it yourself or as they are commonly known DIYs, are typically ideal for tasks that do not require a certain level of expertise. Painting is a form of remodelling that requires a level of expertise to have a professional look. When you hire the right contractor or painting company, you are sure to get that and more. Painting companies offer professional services, and they carry out everything for you.  

If you are worried about the expenses, consider other factors like your time and the result. Will it look professionally done at the end? The price is typically determined by the area size, wall appearance, materials used, length of time it takes to complete the job and the environmental conditions. Hiring professionals will probably cost more than doing it yourself, but you are assured of getting the perfect and professional look your house deserves. 

Unless you are an expert, DIY for house painting can be quite exhausting and time-consuming. It is also very likely that you may not get the professional finish it needs for the appearance. Safety is another issue of concern if you are not an expert. Accidents could easily happen, especially with ladder climbing. 


Maintaining a beautiful appearance for your house’s interior and exterior involves some form of remodelling from time to time. Painting is an affordable way to keep your house looking fresh, neat and attractive. Hiring the right painting company assures you of all this whilst saving time and energy. Ensure you communicate with them and ask questions where necessary. DIY can be tasking, so think properly before going for it.


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