Choosing Adaptive Shoes for the Disabled and the Elderly

Adaptive shoes are the shoes that help our bodies adjust to various changes it goes through over time. With time or due to illness when our mobility is limited or hindered, adaptive shoes provide support and comfort and help us to walk easier. But how do you choose the right shoe for you? To do this, there are several factors that you need to look into. Take a look at the tips below to see what they are.

Slip Free Soles

No matter how well a shoe is made for your physical condition, if it makes walking difficult it will be counterproductive. Don�t buy a pair that would slip or slide through the floors � especially floors without carpets or any other form of friction.

diabetic shoes for women

A good pair of shoes would have friction on the soles to make sure that you can walk safe on any surface. Look for these kinds of shoes when shopping. When you try them on, see how it feels when the soles touch the floor. Check whether it feels slippery or if it has a good grip?

Flexible Material

If your feet swell due to a medical reason or after standing for a few minutes, choosing a shoe with no enough space can get you in trouble. Most of the time people are used to switching shoes and try different sizes due to this.

Unfortunately, this means you have to spend more on shoes unnecessarily.  But you can easily avoid this by getting something with a flexible material so that the material can accommodate your feet better. Flexible materials will also keep from pressing on any sensitive tissues of the feet and make the inside of the shoe breathable.

Right Type

There are different types of adaptive shoes. So, when you are choosing them look if the store has shoes made specifically for you or the friend/ family member you are shopping for. The shoes that are made for pregnant women are not the same as the diabetic shoes for women. If you are not sure or confused about the type and design, you can ask a customer assistant for support. You can also do some research on a couple of online stores to know the exact types and designs available in the market.


Having a supportive base is a quality of any good shoe. This is not a feature that is unique to adaptive shoes. However, when shopping for adaptive shoe, this quality is more important than your everyday average shoe. You are not just looking for shoes that have a supportive heel and toe but also something that can lessen issues such as foot aches.

Remember that buying adaptive shoes are not the same as buying any other type of shoe. While you will still have to look for the size, design, comfort and if necessary, the style and the support are what make them special. So, make sure to pay attention to the features mentioned above. They will help you to choose a pair of shoes that truly supports you and help to lessen the discomfort that comes with age and other changes in our body.

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