Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Chocolate chip cookies recipes are liked not only by kids the grownups too have a craze for chocolate chip cookie recipe. The chocolate chip cookies recipe has chewy chocolate chips in a crispy outer layer. Chocolate cookie recipe is a must in every kitchen’s cookbook.

Chocolate chip cookies recipe includes butter, brown and white sugar with flour as main ingredients what else will this combination given other than a yummy cookie. Chocolate chip cookie recipes were accidentally invented by Ruth Wakefield the owner of Toll House Inn in Whitman in the year 1930. Chocolate chip cookie recipe is in utmost demand in the Christmas and New Year season. Chocolate cookie recipe has varied tastes with the method of preparation and ingredients. To make your chocolate chip cookie recipe more rich include some roasted dried fruits ad cashew, almonds etc.

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Chocolate chip cookie recipes of dark chocolates have high antioxidant contents. The chocolate chip cookies recipe with chocolates from cocoa butter has 30% of good fat of mono or unsaturated fatty acids so the lipid profile of chocolate doesn’t concern too much. Chocolate cookie recipe can be made with dark chocolate chips or semi sweetened chips according to a favorite flavor.

To enjoy a homemade chocolate cookie recipe just take the ingredients of chocolate chip cookie recipes from your kitchen shelves and process  the chocolate chip cookies recipe with the help of directions specified below and enjoy a yummy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Ingredients for Chocolate chip cookie recipe

      Semi-sweet chocolate chips        2 Cups

      White sugar                1 Cup

      Brown sugar (Packed)   1 Cup

      Hot water       2 Tsp.

      Butter (Softened)   1 Cup

      Salt          ½ Tsp.

      Baking Soda           1 Tsp.

      Eggs         2

      Walnuts/ Cashew/ Almonds (Roasted, Chopped)      1 Cup

      Vanilla Extract         3 Tsp.

      All-purpose Flour     3 Cups

Method of preparation of Chocolate chip cookie recipes

To bake the Chocolate Chip cookies recipe preheat the oven to 350 degree F.

 Make a smooth paste like cream by blending sugars and butter. To the creamy mixture beat in the eggs one by one and blend well so that they do not stand separate all the ingredients must form a homogeneous mixture for the Chocolate cookie recipe.

 Meanwhile dissolve baking soda in hot water and let it form a solution by dissolving completely. To the homogeneous mixture add the salt solution along with vanilla and ordinary salt and blend well to form a cyst less mixture for Chocolate chip cookie recipe.

 Now the rest of the ingredients of the chocolate chip cookies recipe flour, nuts and chocolate chips are stirred into the mixture. Make sure the texture of the flour should not be too tight not too loose it should be loose to the extent it is sticky but not liquid.

While preparing the final dough for the chocolate chip cookie recipes sprinkle few hot water drops to make the exact texture of dough.

      Bake the chocolate cookie recipe till the edges are browned evenly.

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