Employment Opportunities in Chiller Van and Trucks Rental in Abu Dhabi

Refrigerated transport has seen phenomenal growth across the world and in UAE. It has resulted in more significant employment opportunities in chiller van and truck rental in Abu Dhabi. These range from drivers of the vans to technicians in warehouses and refrigerated trailers.

Here we will discuss the responsibilities and requirements for these jobs and what you can expect to earn annually.

Chiller Van Mechanic:

The most common job in the refrigeration units is that of a technician of the reefer trailer. Like all other trucks, these refrigerated trailers also come across problems in their engines and other components.


Their primary responsibilities of a mechanic in truck rental include:

  • Looking after the control system of the truck and chassis
  • Leaks in the trucks fuel system
  • Comply with driving instructions and requirements
  • Maintenance of casters and coils in the trucks
  • Make sure cellar is in place and working
  • Reefer unit is attached to the truck bodies
  • The engine is cooled by a water-cooled system and fan motor
  • Solve any problem in axle while transporting over-the-road
  • Make sure back-up generators are in place
  • Make inquiry reports about the mileage of the trailer unit
  • The refrigerated vehicle has the required payload

Requirements and Pay:

The basic requirements for a mechanic are the know-how of new and used heavy-duty trucks and primary education to read manuals and other instructions. A certification would look good on the resume.

One can expect the pay to be anywhere between $20,000-30,000 depending on skill and experience level.

Refrigerated System in Van Technicians:

One of the most important employees of a chiller van rental company will be the refrigeration systems service technician. They play a vital role in preserving the perishable cargo in a temperature-controlled trailer unit.


  • Make sure the compressor, cooler, condenser, condensing units, and evaporator are maintained properly
  • Assembling the refrigeration system, condensing unit, ice-machine, ventilation system, compressor unit
  • The freezing function of freezer and fridge is working
  • Look after the heat-exchanger and walk-in-cooler
  • The appropriate stock of carbon dioxide, ammonia and R134a, hydrocarbon gases, and other refrigerants that are environmentally sustainable are maintained
  • Maintenance of chillers, humidity and low-temperature control systems, mini-split, condensers, air suction, and heat absorption
  • Look for leaks in refrigerated containers and evaporator coil
  • Maintain high efficiency by removing corrosion in the refrigeration equipment
  • Valves are in place, and the thermostat is functional
  • Keep a check on insulated containers, air conditioning systems, defrost equipment, cold, chain, refrigeration cycle, refrigeration compressor, HVACR, refrigerant recovery, expansion valve, blast freezer
  • Keep a check on the temperature range of the transport refrigeration with the help of a thermometer
  • Energy-efficiency is maintained, and carbon footprint is reduced by preventative maintenance so that the ozone layer is not damaged
  • Maintain the insisted panels, switches, fan coil, condenser coil, and ammonia refrigeration

Requirements and Pay:

Due to the job’s technical nature, an HVAC technical certification is a must while applying for this job. In addition to that, previous experience in a refrigeration unit might make it easy for you to get a job.

In terms of pay, this is one of the most rewarding technical jobs. A person can expect a salary of $35,000-50,000.

Drivers for Reefer Trailers:

One of the essential people employed by the refrigerated trailer leasing companies is the drivers. The entire industrial refrigeration sector cannot operate without them.


  • Driving the refrigerated truck
  • Keeping the operating costs low by taking short routes
  • Drive the van in an energy-efficient way
  • Make prompt delivery of chilled products to a supermarket and bakery

Requirements and Salary:

The only requirement for a driver is a driving license. However, if the driver has experience in the reefer or related industry, it will add on, and the chances of getting selected would increase exponentially.

The salaries of drivers range from anywhere between $24,000-34,000.

Non-Technical Jobs in Reefer Van and Truck Rental in Abu Dhabi:

Apart from the technical jobs, refrigerated truck rental in Abu Dhabi provides several non-technical jobs as well. These jobs include marketing functions such as creating and distributing a brochure and relations with a merchandiser. Many people are also employed in cold-storage warehousing and a cold room. Buyers and sellers of a refrigerant also require many people. The loading and unloading of packaged material also employ a large chunk of people. Brokers for refrigerated vans for rent also make a good income.


The commercial refrigeration industry is a source of employment for a huge number of people. A significant chunk of these workers work in Chiller Van and Truck Rental companies. As the industry is set to grow at an annual rate of 15%, more employment opportunities will be provided. With increasing profits, the companies will pass on these benefits to their employees in better pay and other employment benefits.

 All the people thinking of working in this industry must start working on their skills and technical education to grab the upcoming opportunities.

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