Help Your Child With Personality Development With These 8 Simple Ways

Every child has amazing thinking powers. Bringing up children to be strong and confident persons is quite a task and requires hard work and patience. As parents, you need to ensure that your little toddler gets a positive environment at home and school to learn and understand the world around them. Mental and physical development usually starts in the early stages of childhood; therefore, the stress should be on building individual skills, stamina, and better motor activities.

Here Are Some Of The Activities For Personality Development For Kids:


Reading habit is one of the best gifts a parent can give their kids. Select books according to your children’s liking and read along with them. Reading is an excellent parent-child bonding exercise. Colorful and vibrant flashcards with pictures are ideal for preschoolers. Flashcards of numbers and alphabets are an effective way to teach children fundamental concepts.

The Math flashcards are used to introduce new concepts and pave the way for them to practice what they have learned. Word flashcards for 5 year olds?provide a concrete way to visualize all the concepts. There are fun activities using flashcards, like the scavenger hunt for animal flashcards. Parents can give them verbal hints to find the flashcards. They can make the sound of the animal. The A-Z flashcards for preschoolers or flashcards with prepositions contain colourful images that send a strong stimulus to the brain, helping the toddlers understand and remember.

Fine Arts 

Artistic Activities help children express their thoughts and creativity. Drawing and painting together can be a lot of fun! It is also said that art is the best form of learning and developing creative thinking prowess!

Tell A Tale

Storytelling helps to build imagination, improve vocabulary, and develop expression. Parents should encourage their children to tell them about the happenings in the school or playground. Grandparents can narrate the mythology stories with flashcards which are entertaining for them. Spend more time with them and encourage your kids to express themselves through role play.

Puzzle Solving

Toddlers enjoy playing with puzzles. Parents should try to find appropriate and entertaining puzzles which keep their interest sustained. Puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers are favourite tools for parents and teachers because they offer innumerable benefits for their early childhood development.

Solving puzzles is a mental exercise. Simple puzzles with alphabets, numbers, and animals are really exciting for them to solve individually on their own. Slowly introduce challenging puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube or preschool jigsaw puzzle and solve them together as a team. These activities develop confidence and problem-solving abilities and are colourful, fun-filled, and a great way to entertain and engage them.


Pretend-play or role-playing games for children at a young age aid in developing imagination, spark new thoughts and give new experiences, which makes them more confident. Children raised to be self-aware and empathetic will have personality traits that can make them successful. Personality development tries to recognize the flaws in them. Do not punish them; accept the reality and focus on the positive aspects of their personality. Instead, it is crucial to fuel their enthusiasm.

Practise Yoga & Sports

Yoga for just 10 minutes helps little preschoolers to calm down and prepare for learning further. A quick session of freehand rhythmic aerobics exercises enables them to relax and warm up, which plays an important role in children’s harmonic physical and mental growth. Sports help these toddlers and youngsters to be active and healthy. It’s an important idea to get the child interested in any activity. Participating in sports positively affects your child as it installs the value of sportsmanship and aids in developing self-confidence.


Clay moulding is a planned art activity that promotes intellectual and aesthetic growth. Preschoolers and small children can express themselves through clay. Engage with colourful clay and help them build small structures and animals. These help in sensory development along with skilful engagement.

Dance & Music

Dance and music come together and form an integral part of social skill-building activities. The dance embraces movement, whereas music calms their mind. Music nourishes the soul. Parents and peers should be involved in making them learn a new instrument.

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