Is The Chevrolet Equinox Changed For 2025?

The entire story regarding the Chevrolet Equinox has been kept intact and resilient with the first fall it supposedly made late 15 years back the year in which the actual debut of the vehicle was sighted.

Earning-in or sipping-in money has never been the only sole penchant for the car company and never did it make any acclamations by presenting cheap and aged car models with cramped spacing but rather the company always served quality to its customers.

Equinox by Chevrolet has now reached its third consecutive year with the 3rd generation model which treaded past with a slower stride from the year 2018. 

And the ‘Conversational Clouds’ on the streets have stirred high by believing that the Chevrolet Equinox would now be tagged with a fourth-generation setup with a refreshed styling.

Let’s hit onto what is changed with the attitude of the all-new ‘Chevrolet Equinox’,

The Actual Changes

Changes not just with the exterior but a whole new temperament on the inner side is what could be felt with the upcoming ‘Chevy Equinox’.

New vehicle platform with VSS-F
All changed exterior scenario
Drivetrain and powertrain upliftments
Elevated feature loadings

Therefore the vehicle was, until today, using a sort of engine displacement which it had since last eight years but now the engine-scenic-beauty got a heightened stance and would be using a VSS-F vehicle platform.

The VSS-F engine is used in major of the ‘Chevy Vehicles’ like Trailblazer, Malibu, Spark but the platform of GM D2 is much used by the vehicles of ‘General Motors’.

A Refreshed Equinox

There is a different refresh set for the Equinox of 202 which the team Chevvy would like to lend to its vehicle, and the ongoing current generation of the ‘Chevrolet Equinox’ would be getting some new perks and a whole new changed refreshed set for the year 2022.

Headlamp fixture changes
Giant front grille
Tail lamp improvements
The enhanced lower front fascia 
Rear bumper length improvements
Dark finish in 19-inch wheels 
Quad shaped exhaust tips 
Red stitching following the shift knobs
Revamped black badge accents

Equinox’s Engine Enhancements

Conversational stance held earlier with the team ‘Chevrolet’ did reveal that the vehicle would no longer be sighted with an LTG, 2.0-liter engine variant.

Those seeking to gain a solid punch of engine that serves more than just an engine and is highly loaded with power can go with the 

LYX, i4, 1.5-liter powertrain option

The sales figure of the Equinox 2019 2.0 liter engine is just seven percent of the sales of 2019 and that is astonishing because the engine did give an extra 82 and 57 of horsepower and torquing zeal respectively and that was certainly more than what we got in the 1.5-liter engine. 

There also happened to be a discontinuation of the powerful engine option,

i4, 1.6 liters, LH7, turbo-diesel variant 

Therefore the team ‘Chevrolet’ happens to be more concerned and fortified with the offerings it is making to the customers through its engines and is giving out what is most sought after and aspired by its drivers and clientele.

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