5 Easy Tricks to Throw the Perfect Party for Cheap

Throwing a killer party can be a costly undertaking. A great party host is mindful that every detail, decoration, and drink is just right. Whether your party is small and intimate or an all-out rager, you’ll certainly want to have a few frills to make sure your party is spectacular. However, the frills can certainly add up, so it’s smart to be budget-conscious or you can very easily go overboard. Don’t despair though. There are so many budget-friendly ways to throw a successful party without sacrificing the overall experience. Below, we discuss 5 easy tricks to throwing a posh party on a tight budget.

Costumes for the Win

So are you thinking of throwing an amazing theme party? The next great luau or a 1980s theme perhaps? One of the simplest ways to save money when throwing a theme party is to request that your guests dress up. By asking your guests to dress festively, they become the decorations. If you are throwing a Hawaiian luau, you can ask your guests to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirt or floral leis. Maybe it’s a Roaring Twenties party and your guests will dress like gangsters and flappers. No matter what the theme, if your guests can don their favorite costume or accessory, they are easily integrated into the landscape of the theme. This saves the host the cost of decor without sacrificing the party’s aesthetic. Who needs flowers and garlands to decorate the walls in a sea of Hawaiian shirts?

Potluck, Anyone?

As a consummate party host, I’ve always struggled with asking my guests to bring specific items to the party. However, nobody ever shows up empty-handed. As an occasional party-guest myself, I appreciate being told what to bring. I don’t have to worry that I’m bringing doubles of something or bringing something that just isn’t needed. I’m also fairly confident that what I do bring is desired and appreciated. So, try to get over the discomfort of asking your guests to contribute. You know they will ask you what they can bring anyway, so why not tell them? There’s nothing wrong with asking your guests to bring a six-pack of beer or a bottle of soda or a hot appetizer. Certainly, I wouldn’t ask my guests to bring big, cumbersome items like bags of ice or main dishes, but there’s no reason why they can’t chip in small items like appetizers, desserts, and beverages. If everyone brings a small item, it quickly chips away at your overall party cost.

Party Supplies on a Budget

Whether you’re throwing a small dinner party or a lavish gala, you’ll want to do so in style. However, purchasing, or even renting, stemware, flatware, silverware, etc. can be very expensive. If you don’t want to sacrifice the aesthetic of fancy glasses and plates, but can’t justify spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the real stuff, we have a solution for you. With a quick visit to our friends at Posh Party Supplies, you can purchase beautiful, plastic sets with pizazz. For instance, their snazzy plastic champagne flutes are pretty, durable, affordable, look like real champagne glasses, and best of all can be thrown out instead of washed at the end of the night. Whether it be champagne flutes and beverage napkins or plates and silverware, purchasing plastic, disposable supplies is cost-effective and convenient.

Hosting parties can be super fun and gratifying. There’s no better feeling than bringing your friends and families together under one roof in celebration. No matter the celebration, theme, or party type, the fact is parties can be costly. However, that shouldn’t stop you from opening up your doors for a festive gathering because a fabulous party can be thrown on a budget. Consider using some of the aforementioned tips when planning your next shindig. Our favorite tip is absolutely the disposable party supplies. Not only do they look great, but they make for a very quick and easy cleanup too.

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