Best Way to Change the QuickBooks Password

    change quickbooks password

    To secure and protect your accounts from every possible unethical access or threats, it is recommended that you should change your QuickBooks password as well as your other login information at regular intervals. Doing so periodically will minimize the chances of compromised accounts! So, considering the security fact in mind, if you also want to change the login information of your QuickBooks account but have no idea how to do it then, simply follow the below-given steps of the best way to ?Change QuickBooks Password😕

    Best Way to Change the QuickBooks Password
    • To start the ?QuickBooks Password Change? process, go to the ?Intuit website? using this link ?
    • There click on the ?Sign in? option from the right-hand side corner of the screen.
    • Then, you?ll be directed to the ?Sign in into an Intuit product page? and there, select the type of your QuickBooks software of which you want to edit the login information from the following?
      • QuickBooks Online
      • QuickBooks Desktop
      • QuickBooks Payments
      • QuickBooks payroll & etc.
    • After that, simply login to the same QuickBooks account with the help of its login credentials.
    • Once logged in, click on the ?Manage your QuickBooks? option to further click on the ?Company name? option.
    • Under it, select the ?Edit Login? option and then simply click on the ?Edit? option in front of the ?Set up users and passwords? option to change it.
    • Then, you?re required to enter your current password in the required ?Current Password? text field.
    • After that, type a new secure password for your QuickBooks in the required ?New Password? text field and also confirm the same by re-typing it in the ?Confirm New Password? text field.
    • Once you?re done with it, click on the ?OK? and ?Save? button.
    • Now, to finish the process of changing QuickBooks password, simply select the ?Exit? button.

    So, this is how you can easily change the password of all types of QuickBooks software from a single platform i.e., Intuit website. However, even after maintaining well-enough security to your account by changing your QuickBooks password periodically, if you suspect that your QuickBooks account has been compromised then, you need to also learn about how to reset a QuickBooks password.

    And, to help you with the same, we?ve also mentioned the best way to reset a QuickBooks password. So, have a look:

    • In order to reset QuickBooks password easily, you need to download the QuickBooks Automated password reset tool and for the visit this link ?
    • Download the same from the website and then click on the downloaded QBPasswordReset.exe file in order to save it on your computer.
    • Now, click on the ?QuickBooks Password reset tool? in order to use it.
    • From it, click on the ?Browse for Company File? option to choose the company file for which you want to reset the password.
    • Then, simply type your new password in the given field and then re-enter it to confirm your new QuickBooks password.

    That?s it! Now, you can access your QuickBooks account back by login to your account using the newly created password. This way, you?ll not only maintain the security of your QuickBooks account but, at the same time also secure your account from unethical access.

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