Celtic engagement rings- Why are they getting Popular?

Celtic Engagement rings are the kind of jewellery with Irish design elements which are instilled with romantic meanings. Among all kinds of engagement rings, Celtic engagement rings are very popular because of so many deep meaning ingrained within them. Although publicly the Celtic engagement rings are meant to officially declare a couple is promising each other to get together to make a new life, the designs in the Celtic engagement ring are laced with various intimate connotations that have some meaningful value for the couple within the intricate metalwork and within the engraving designs or the gemstones. 

The Celtic engagement rings are very artistic, and they are popular because of their intriguing knotted designs which seem to have no beginning or the end. These knotted designs give literal meaning to the phrase ‘tie the knot’ as they somehow give off a symbol of infinity to represent ‘eternal love’.

Different types of Celtic engagement rings                 

The Celtic Cross

This Celtic engagement ring has many versions according to the legend. The cross in the rings can symbolize God’s eternal Love which is achieved through the sacrifice of Christ on the ‘Cross’. These Celtic Crosses are shaped in circular sign within which the ‘Crucifix’ is encased; it’s called Halo. It is believed that it represents that angelic characteristic of God, who has endless love for humanity. 

Celtic Bands

These Celtic engagement rings vary according to their intricate design and thickness. To make a simplified Celtic band, the craftsman can make a ‘metal knot’ with gold metal. However, the more elaborate designs of Celtic bands are engraved onto wider bands. These bands can contain gemstones, especially emeralds or diamonds, incased onto the metal.

The Lover’s Knot

This kind of Celtic engagement ring is designed with two interconnected wired symbols representing infinity to symbolize that the couple is united as one. There are various Celtic wedding bands and rings that incorporate the ‘lover’s knot’ in their designed pattern. The traditional Celtic engagement rings’ design generally incorporates the Heron and Creyr on each side of the gem. Cryer is believed to be the creator of life who carries babies. This engagement ring also adds animal to its design, and it is believed that every animal was associated with the earth’s natural cycle. 

Claddagh rings

Claddagh rings are the most popular Celtic rings. The hand design represents friendship, while the heart design represents Love. You can find a Crown design in Claddagh rings which represents Loyalty. A Claddagh Engagement Ring can be made with or without gemstones. Any metal can be used on this Celtic rings as per your choice.

The craftsmen generally use titanium, silver or gold metal to create Celtic  and mens  tungsten engagement rings. The intricate and unique knotty pattern is what makes Celtic rings more expensive. but if you looking for affordable rubber and silicone rings  they are also trending now a days.

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