Stretch Marks; The Causes and Remedy

The pregnancy stretch marks are the sign of the troubles and hard work your body went through during the nine months of pregnancy. The tiny tears cause the stretch marks in the layers of tissues that support your skin. They can pop up during the pregnancy or after the delivery of the baby. Pregnancy causes a series of changes in your body, and it is really not easy to grow another human being in your body. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the stretch marks are the lines that appear on the belly, thighs, hip, or breasts. These are the indented streaks or colored lines on your skin. These are highly common in pregnancy. Moreover, they can also occur in case of extreme weight gain or loss. These are highly common and should be normalized if in case an individual does not want to minimize them. 

However, in case of exceeded scars caused by stretch marks, several products are available in the market that claims to reduce or minimize the stretch marks. Despite that, there is really no proven way to get rid of the marks. Nevertheless, there are some advantages of using creams and lotions that are dedicated to working during pregnancy to keep the skin moisturized and healthy. 

The Causes of Stretch Marks 

The stretch marks occur due to the stretch in elasticity in your skin which ultimately led to the breakdown of the layer of the skin. The dermatologist Murad says in this matter, ‘’think of it as pulling a rubber band, if you keep stretching and stretching, it does not come back to the same shape’’. The same analogy happens when a woman is pregnant or an individual loses or gains weight. But you need to know that if your stretch marks are old and turned white, then it is permanent damage, and it cannot be cured; however, if the marks are darker in color and are new, you should try the stretch mark creams. It might not work instantly, so you will have to be patient to see the result. It might take 5-8 months to prove effective.

Do Preventative Stretch Mark Creams Work?

There is a ton of researches on the use of stretch mark creams. It is true that once the stretch marks develop on your skin, it is hard to minimize them. But it is easy to prevent them before they are fully formed. You can start using the cream right after you are aware that you are pregnant and continue the use of it until you give birth to a baby. Do not fall for the tall claims that the stretch cream makes; it can help you prevent the marks but does not eliminate them completely. With having said that, the creams help you to make the marks less pop up and noticeable. It makes your skin moisturized and smooth, which is necessary to have during pregnancy. It should be hydrated so that it has improved elasticity. 

Julia Tzu, M.D founder and medical director of Wall Street Dermatology, says; ‘Moisturizing the skin during pregnancy helps the skin deal with this stressful transition.’ 

So, it is important that you use moisturizing creams, oil, or lotion during the pregnancy. It will help you a great deal in the long run. Pick the lotion boxes that have ingredients written on them so that you can see all the key ingredients added to the lotion. Ensure whichever lotion or cream you are buying has antioxidant properties, all the essential oil as the main ingredients and glycerine urea, etc. And it should not be having ingredients like Vitamin A and retinoids; it makes cause adverse effects to your body during pregnancy. It is vital that if you are making a purchase of stretch mark cream or lotion, it serves you in the best way possible and make your pregnancy period soothing.

The Final Verdict 

The stretch marks are naturally formed, and it is always difficult to combat the natural imparity. So, learn to love your skin and take all the preventative measures that you can to avoid any unusual marks and problems on your skin. 

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