Working With Legacy Code in Test Automation

When working in QA or Test Automation you are much more likely to be confronted with a legacy application with hundreds of thousands of code lines with missing documentation and test cases than finding well documented one with high test coverage and beautiful code. In many cases the legacy code […]

Health Effects Of Reverse Osmosis Water

A visible change has been reported in recent years that people in the US have surprisingly turned back from soda drinks to water. People are now more concerned about their health and fitness because only passionate and fit people can achieve their targeted goals in this competitive era. However, only […]

Collaborative Robots: Common and Unique Applications

Collaborative robots or cobots are the service robots that are majorly used in material-handling, manufacturing, and laboratories. The advent of cobots has enabled a trustworthy working environment where humans can safely work alongside robots that are portable and easily programmable. TYPES OF COBOTS: Despite being a comparatively new invention in […]

Ransomware attack on Lake County

Lake County government center was recently stuck by a ransomware attack. It shut down the email server for more than 2 weeks and disrupted operations.  At about 11 a.m. on august 22, 2019, a computer in the small claims court office displayed a message which stated that all the files […]