Fake News Creates Security Risk

So, is false news a security concern? Let’s take a look at the latest news item. Mostly fake news creators spread the news of horror or haunting places. They want to make peoples afraid by the demon names or necromancer names. You may heard these kinds of news on news […]

A Comprehensive Guide to VPS Hosting in UAE

Just like every single person needs a house to live on this earth; similarly, every website needs web hosting to survive online. Consider this web hosting as an equivalent to internet real estate, where you can keep all your websites data securely. Not having any server means no online presence […]

Ultimate Guide On Avaya 9611G Voice Over IP Phone!

Among various business telecom industries, Avaya has become one of the greatest and most numerous organizations in the world. The company specialises in various business communication services, including unified communication and contact center. With the large production of IP phone devices, headsets, conference phones and all-in-one video conferencing devices, Avaya […]