What is Crankshaft ?

Crankshaft: Working, Types and Function The crankshaft refers to the rotating shaft used to create the rotary motion in the piston. The crankshaft or crank is used in different types of pumps and engines, but it is most commonly used in engines (i.e., piston engines).  It is found that this […]

How Technology is Impacting Senior Living Care?

Research suggests that technology has the potential to change senior living, as does the capacity of older individuals to stay independent and out of communal housing until later in life. Survey participants believe technology, goods, and services, including grocery delivery or wearable monitoring, which allow customers to be proactive in […]

What Is Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance?

Electrostatic potential and capacitance is an important subject that many students find daunting to understand. The physics behind the chapter and the mathematics, too, make students wary of studying even before they start reading the first sentence of this chapter. Unfortunately, no matter how far you try to escape, you […]

6 Steps To Optimize Your Network For VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a technology that allows the user to make calls through the internet connection, thus eliminating the use of a landline or mobile network. A VoIP system works on the principle that converts analog voice signals into digital signals using a broadband connection and […]