5 Garage Door Ideas for Modern Home Decor

The look of a home that has been constructed and designed in a modern way can be further enhanced by installing a perfectly designed custom garage door. Modern homes are mostly built in a similar pattern which includes clean lines, wide spaced windows with such stunning designs of garages that […]

4 Accent Stools to Boost Your Living Room Decor

How many times have you visited someone’s home and thought, “this place looks familiar.” From the standard granite and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, to the tried and true beige Pottery Barn sofa, our homes can easily turn into boring look-alikes devoid of any unique, differentiating design elements. While […]

Guide to different types of gutters

Whether they are building a house or renovating it, people usually seem to forget about gutters. After all, they need to decide what kind of a roof to use, which flooring to go with and what to do with the front yard. Therefore, it should come as little surprise that […]