Top 15 categories of applications you can build with NodeJS

If you’re a Node.js expert, you know the opportunities are limitless with this high-end JavaScript technology.

Node’s ability to handle concurrent requests makes it a popular choice for building powerful web applications.

But what are the categories of applications that can be built using NodeJS?

In this blog post, we’ll look at the – 15 most popular categories of applications that you can build with NodeJS.

However, before we start, let’s have a quick introduction to it:-

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that functions on Chrome’s V8 engine and has a massive ecosystem. It is a fast, lightweight, scalable, and efficient environment.

Node is also the world’s most advanced open-source runtime environment, which features an event-driven approach and a serverless architecture.

Developers use Node.js primarily for non-blocking, event-driven applications and servers due to its single-threaded and real-time push architectures. It’s also helpful in creating traditional web application backends and APIs.

Now, let’s get started with what you are here for. Varieties of apps we can build with NodeJS.

Real-Time Chat Application

Node.js is particularly well-suited for high-performance applications that need to perform much I/O work, such as real-time chat servers. In the past, creating a web-based chat program without using a third-party plugin was difficult.

However, with node.js, it is no longer an issue owing to the I/O model in it, which allows you to offload time-consuming operations from the main JavaScript thread. This means that your Node server can focus all of its resources on customer chat messages without slowing down the main JavaScript thread and causing lags in the app?s user interface.

IoT (Internet of Things) Application

Due to Node’s event-driven architecture, a backend developer NodeJS can use it to create typescript-based web apps ideal for IoT. Node.js can handle the heavy lifting of connecting and interacting with your IoT device while leaving your main thread free to take other events like user interface modifications.

Live-Streaming Application

Node.js has a built-in HTTP streaming support, making it ideal for building live data streaming applications like live sports tickers or news apps that need to push real-time updates.

Social Media Application

Node js can also be used to develop a social media platform or app. You can create Nodejs applications that give your subscribers multi-media content while also enabling them to share their content in any form, whether text, video, image, or files, and then distribute it across the network.

Single Page Application

Node.js is great for building responsive and scalable single-page applications (SPAs). Partnered with top front-end technologies like ReactJS or AngularJS, Node offers numerous features that make it easy to handle requests without needing to refresh your web app every time you make changes, making it perfect for SPAs.

Online Payment Processor

Node.js is a scalable, real-time communication and high-traffic web application runtime environment often used to construct online payment processors like PayPal or even monthly subscription services that charge users monthly.

High-level Fintech Application

With Node.js, you can create both basic and complex-grade financial technology applications that need a lot of data processing and real-time interaction. Node’s scalability makes it ideal for this purpose.

Remote-Collaboration Tool

Node.js is ideal for creating remote collaboration tools with built-in capabilities such as chat systems or remote desktop-style utilities. You can even use node.js as a web-based terminal emulator to access your system anywhere.

Customer Relationship Tool

Node.js is an excellent platform for creating scalable customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that need to interact with a lot of data and users at once. Node’s event-driven architecture helps it handle user interactions and does not collapse like other languages, making it perfect for CRM applications.

Content Management System

Node.js has a flexible nature, making it an ideal option for developing content management systems (CMS). Node scales without issue, so it can handle both low or vast amounts of traffic on your website without slowing down or crashing.

Ridesharing Application

Node.js is a robust technology for building ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. It is perfect for real-time ride-sharing because it can communicate with all of your users without causing any slowdowns or jitters, ensuring a seamless user experience for this kind of application.

Location-Based Application

This is one of the most popular applications you can create using Node.js. With Node, you may rapidly develop a location-specific application that allows customers to discover what they’re searching for in their area. This functionality is perfect for business owners, who can attract new customers by adding Node.js functions to their site.

Enterprise Resource Planning Tool

ERP systems are utilized in numerous sectors, and Node is the best way to build ERP software. Because it can manage many users at once without difficulty, Node is an excellent method for creating ERP software. This type of application may be used by any sector that requires a powerful tool for managing transactions and sales.

Desktop Application

In recent years, companies offering Node js web development services used to build desktop applications using Node-WebKit which is an app runtime that runs on Chromium and node.js, giving you the ability to use it in the backend for your desktop programs. You can also make other sorts of desktop apps with Node-WebKit, as it uses a modified version of the V8 engine from Node.

Game Servers and Application

Because of its efficiency in handling I/O requests and its efficient event-driven programming model, NodeJS has grown to be a popular language for game creation in recent years.

It streamlines the data and network connectivity, which is the most crucial aspect of an online gaming application. Popular companies like Microsoft and Mozilla have utilized NodeJS in powerful tech stacks like MEAN & MERN to develop online games for their customers.

Last words

NodeJS is a robust platform that you can use to build unique applications. We?ve highlighted some of our favorite applications that you can create with NodeJS, but this is just the beginning. 

If you have a conecpt for an application and need help building it, connect with a professional NodeJS agency. Their experts would be more than excited to help you bring your vision to life.

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