Cat Neutering and Spaying

Do you keep a cat at home? Would you like to upgrade his health and make him live longer? We are sure this blog can help you achieve that desire. Having a cat is one of the best things because he is like your friend and furry companion who doesn�t let you feel alone or sad. Today we want you to explore this blog and find out how you can help your cat live in a better way. 

Spaying or neutering is an important step you should never forget about. If you want to give your cat the greatest gift then this surgery is the best option. This is a routine medical procedure that is considered to be a perfect way to control the issue of overpopulation. Thanks to spaying or neutering, medical and behavioral problems can be prevented easily. As a result, your cat will live longer, healthier, and happier than it used to. 

The Process of Spaying And Neutering Surgery

During spaying, the vet removes ovaries and uterus of a female cat. During the process of neutering, he removes testicles of a male cat. These two operations are not complex ones, so you can have a peace of mind that everything will be handled smoothly. However, you need to trustlicensed veterinarians in order to avoid any complications. Twin Rivers Animal Hospital is one of the most reliable hospitals that has the most experienced and licensed vets. They offer the most suitable Spay and Neuter Kamloops making sure that everything will be done according to the latest standards. They have already provided Spay and Neuter Kamloops to many cats and all cat owners left their hospital with 100% satisfaction. 

Before the surgery of Spay and Neuter Kamloops, these vets will perform a complete physical exam as well as take a blood test of your cat. You can be sure that your cat will not feel any pain because the vets conduct both spaying and neutering under the general anesthesia. This helps create a stress-free atmosphere and your cat doesn�t get into stress because of this surgery. 

Moreover, providing Spay and Neuter Kamloops, the vets from Animal Hospital Kamloops will also provide follow up services. They educate their clients so that they can take care of the cat in a better way. They will give you the right advice and tips on how to take care of your cat during his recovery process. Note that cats recover fast and most of them needs only a few days to get back to his/her daily routine. Within two weeks, your cat will feel completely perfect. When you bring your cat to Twin Rivers Animal Hospital Kamloops, the vet will also remove any kind of skin stitches during this follow-up treatment. As you see everything is much easier and simpler with this Animal Hospital Kamloops, so you will have no reason to feel worried. 

Why Should I Spay or Neuter My Cat?

This is such a question that every pet owner asks. There are many benefits your cat will experience after spaying or neutering. 

  1. First of all, it will reduce overpopulation. There are millions of cats outdoors who need a lot of help as they have no food or shelter. This is because they are not neutered and spayed, so their numbers increase day by day. Not all cats are adopted because not all of them are lucky and born with a beautiful face or fur. So they live in the streets and most of them die from different reasons like starvation, car accidents, viruses, and more. So when you spay or neuter your cat, you play a great role in solving this global issue. 
  2. Another benefit is that this surgery helps eliminate cats� sexual needs. Most male cats are in search of female cats to satisfy their natural needs regardless of their age. However, when they are neutered, they are less interested in finding a partner. This also helps to reduce their aggressive behavior and they become friendly with neighborhood cats.
  3. Your cat�s personality will change a lot after this surgery. You will notice that your lovely furry friend has become playful and more active. Their vocalization, excitement, as well as overall happy character will remain the same when they are neutered or spayed. 
  4. Spaying and neutering surgery can prevent a number of diseases. When you have your female cat spayed before her breeding, you will be able to decrease the risk of both cervical and ovarian cancer. It�s because when ovaries are removed, the chances of cancerous tumors growth reduce. Moreover, mammary cancer can also be avoided after this surgery. 
  5. When you have your male cat neutered you will also enjoy a clean house. It�s because unneutered male cat can be quite messy and spray his urine on any surface. Note that females can also spray their urine all over your home. We are sure you don�t adore this urine smell, so that is why you should hurry up to visit Twin Rivers Animal Hospital for quality surgical neutering procedure. 


Will My Cat Gain Weight After Surgery?

As cats� sexual desires decrease and they don�t roam as they used to, they are prone to gain weight after being neutered or spayed. However, this issue should not be a reason for you to change your decision. Weight gain can be easily prevented if you follow their diet and proper exercise.�

When Should I Opt For Spaying And Neutering? 

You can opt for this surgery when your cat is at his/her six weeks. The sooner your neuter/spay them, the better they will feel. They will not be at risk of physical or behavioral issues compared to those cats who undergo the surgery later. Thanks to such early-age spaying and neutering services, you can be sure to prevent a lot of issues from happening. If your cat is senior but it is still not spayed/neutered then we advise you to discuss it with the Animal Hospital Kamloops in order to get further information. 

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