Eight Important Features To Look For In A CASB Vendor

You might have heard a great deal about the Cloud access security brokers if you have researched about the security of data on cloud software. As companies are increasingly shifting to cloud services, which helps store, transfer, access, and organize data online, this has also increased the concerns about the protection of sensitive data from third party sources.

CASB vendors provide you with the perfect solution to give full proof protection to the cloud data. The top CASB vendors will offer you efficient solutions to organize, and support the authentication and encryption of cloud data. CASB vendors have addressed the question of the gaps in the security services when it comes to the process of cloud computing, and with efficient solutions, they help the companies to efficiently fill these security gaps.

Hence, CASB vendors help the companies to assess the lags in the cloud services. They thoroughly monitor, and receptively manage and secure the encrypted cloud data. Any malicious activity or the presence of malware, data breaches, or leakages is mapped by the CASB solution providers,  across the different cloud servers.

Hence, CASBs act as a firewall to prevent the occurrence of any malicious activity. Malware protection, data loss prevention, account monitoring are some of the protection that CASB providers extend to cloud data computing. If your company wants to hire a CASB provider, here is a list of eight essential features to look for in a CASB vendor.

1) Malware & Phishing Threat Protection

Data Phishing threatens the IT sector at an alarming rate. And, cloud computing is exposed to this threat vector as it is a shared environment, which puts this interface at a greater risk of fraudulent activities. Often the cybercriminals get hold of the login credentials or hack into the cloud system to extract sensitive information. In many cases, they also introduce malware into the cloud storage which makes it susceptible to various issues.

CASB vendors help the system admins to trace the malicious risks which expose the cloud environment to various risks. CASB vendors who provide strong services will also prepare the admins to keep the system prepared for any further risks. Early detection of issues in the cloud environment, will make the admin vigilant and prepared to quickly isolate or delete the threat vectors.

2) Account Management & Security

Any malicious activity can extensively compromise the account of the users. This kind of activity can be carried out externally or internally. Internal threat vectors, either malicious or accidental, can weaken down the entire technological system. Any compromised system will have potential indicators of suspicious activity like the variation in the login timing, location, and huge download or sharing of the confidential files.

CASB vendors will activate the cloud system to detect activities that look suspicious. Once such activities are detected, they will guide the system administrators to generate a set of codes to remove the risks from the system.

3) Data Security

Companies, big and small, are exposed to grave risks of data breaches due to which they will be liable to incur huge losses. The customer data is mostly at the threshold of data theft, and protecting such confidential data is the central concern of such organizations.

CASB vendors intervene in this data security process. They combine the DLP (Data Loss Prevention) capabilities into the CASB solution to protect the sensitive data on the cloud services. With robust management policies, they help to secure the data that passes through the server.

4) Unsanctioned Cloud App Discovery

With the adoption of cloud-based applications and services, the use of Shadow IT has increased in recent years. It refers to the hardware or software in a company that is not supported by the central IT department of the organization. Dealing with shadow IT is important, particularly the shadow-IT focused cloud security is an important concern to the organizations.

Hence, the cloud applications or software which are cloned or are installed from unauthorized sources can be used by cybercriminals to gather confidential information that could be used to put the companies at risk.

An effective CASB solution will flag such cloned or unauthorized applications. They will identify the gaps and figure out the unsanctioned sources that allow the third parties, or the artificial intelligence and machine learning used with malicious intentions.

5) Impact On Network Performance

Any proxy-based CASB slows down the network significantly. A third party agent or proxy is placed in between the cloud traffic and is responsible for scanning and checking every request.

An API CASB vendor provides a similar security feature. But they have the added advantage of not hampering the speed of the network. Hence, the authorized employees can access the data on the cloud software without delay.

6) Affordability & Ease Of Use

CASB solutions come at an affordable rate. Some vendors charge ancillary costs apart from the license agreement. So, you need to get yourself acquainted with their terms and conditions before you implement the CASB system into your organization.

7) Ferpa, Coppa, Cspc Certifications

Certifications like Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) help outline the procedure of handling and securing children’s data by any organization. Such certifications help a CASB vendor to become a strong and compliant contender in the market. They can also obtain independent certification. A company can partner with such CASB vendors who possess a legitimate certification. This will help them to meet the standards of data security.

8)  Customer Support

The CASB solution, which has a definite customer support system, will help the company fare better. Such vendors will provide services on time, helping the organization cope better when they are met with any risks.

To Conclude:

CASB vendors robustly help the companies by providing an active solution in keeping the encrypted data on the cloud servers safe and secure. They also give deep visibility in data management, hence helping out the companies identify the risks and data leakages on time.

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