Careers In Finance: Which Type Is Right For You?

careers in finance

If you are interested in working in finance field, here are several branches of finances you can consider and the job positions you could try out with a degree in finances, economics, or business.

Corporate finance

If you want to start a career in finance, corporate finance is one of the most trustworthy branches out there. This type of finance handles all of the finances in a particular organization or company. The employers are meant to look for workers who are experienced, skilled and most of all, trustworthy. In case you opt for this branch of finances, you will need a bachelor?s degree in management, finance, or business. What can help you stand out from tons of other people applying for the same job is the familiarity with how corporations work and function. Keep that in mind. Also, when looking for an entry-level job position, you?re going to need amazing communication, organizational, and technical skills.

Financial planning and advising

Another interesting branch of finance jobs is financial advising and planning. This job involves having meetings with a client and helping them organise and make a functional plan for either their business finances or some personal funds. In this branch you will be working as a financial advisor who uses personal experience and skills to help other people make right decisions when it comes to finances. You also need to be familiar with financial law, insurance policies, or investing practices. This knowledge and set of skills will make you an extremely valuable candidate for companies that look for young and aspiring people willing to work.

In order to start training for this job position you will need to have a college degree in business or finances, or you can have a few years of practical experience and you?d be a great candidate too. The skills you should be working on for this job position are management skills, communication skills and attention to detail.


One of the most popular jobs in finances is banking. If you want to start with great entry-level career banking is a perfect option for you. There are many different financial services you can apply for at commercial banks such as checking accounts, savings accounts, loans and IRAs. Among the many roles you can check out at the banking business here are a few of them:

?         Bank teller

?         Branch manager

?         Loan officer

?         Marketing director

Most of the banks will require a bachelor?s degree for the job position in a bank. However, the type of skills and experience you will need depends on the job position you are applying for. Also, if you start working for a local branch, you can gradually move on to something bigger and get promoted to a position in the corporate office.

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Accountants are essential for any company if they want to maintain their finances on a good level. Accountants can work independently but they can also choose to work for a certain company. If you apply to be a corporate accountant you will be dealing with several different financial processes to help the business run smoothly. On the other hand, private accountants are supposed to review and update the client?s financial records and help them follow the financial laws. For this job position you will need a bachelor?s degree in business, finances, or accounting, and the skills that are required are finance management, decision-making and business communication.


Investment is all about helping individuals and companies who need funds and supplies for their business. The partnerships between investors and these clients are beneficial for both sides. Plus, as a financial investor you get well-compensated for the role you pay in facilitating the connection.

These types of employees are essential in any financial field because a lot of business owners tend to make investments based on the advice they receive from an investment company. Sometimes, these investments come in a form of loans. That?s why companies such as Blue River Finance exist.

For a position in companies who work with investment, you will need to have a bachelor?s degree in accounting, economics, or finance. Also, bankers and investment advisors need to obtain a certain license to be able to practice. Some of the most needed and required skills in this financial field are communication skills, negotiation and critical-thinking.


Lastly, working for insurance companies can be a very versatile job. As an insurance professional you can work for insurance agencies in several different roles such as insurance salesperson, an agent, a customer service representative or an actuary.

For this job you will need a bachelor?s degree in finance, business or administration. The skills you will be asked to provide are customer service, management, communication and interpersonal skills.


In conclusion, a finance career is very versatile. There are plenty of fields and job positions you can try out and see which one work best for you.


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