4 Luxury Cars You Can Rent from Car Rental Companies

4 Luxury Cars You Can Rent from Car Rental Companies

Dubai is a city rich in diverse cultures from a global population. It has become a focal point of tourists and businessmen. Emirate is a place where east meets the west to provide the better of two worlds. Therefore, the city has everything a modern Metropolitan city should have. The sky-reaching skyscrapers, busy shopping-malls and fourteen lane highways that run the traffic of the metropolis. Therefore, anyone who wants to enjoy the comforts of the city should reach out to premium car rental Dubai for renting a luxury car. Hence, in this post, we are outlining the review of 5 luxury cars you can rent from car rental companies. These reviews provide an analysis of the features of these autos. Read more to learn about how these luxury cars are changing the travelling experience of people in Dubai.

Audi A8

Audi A8

An Audi A8 is the car of the elites because of its luxury features and high-performance engine. It is a car that will stay in the market for a long time because of its reliable built and latest machinery. Along with its competitors BMW 7 Series, Rolls Royce and Mercedes S-Class, it is a famous choice for those who prefer a car that is better than saloon cars like the smaller Audi A6. But, if they don?t want to drive a brand with the likes of Bentley or a notable Rolls-Royce they can opt this car. Like its both key competitors, the A8 comes in two types of calibrations of regular-wheelbase form and an elongated, lengthy-wheelbase called the L model. The second version gives more leg space to those who have to sit in the back seat. The car also comes in two types of models namely petrol and diesel. You can always obtain this car from the nearest car rental service in your area. 


BMW 7 Series

If your fortune is becoming better day by day then you can drive a BMW 7 series car. This standard car has to offer something to just about anyone. Moreover, it can soothe and calm its passengers. The BMW Company has always advised that it is the best choice of cars for those who like to drive this auto in town instead of being driven by the chauffeur. With its genuine Carbon Core, to decrease weight and make its chassis durable, the car maneuverability is a level better than those of its competitors. To make this auto the car of choice for every one the company has introduced its petrol, diesel and hybrid versions. If you like this car you can rent it from your favorite premium car rental Dubai.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Phantom is a power-packed saloon with a height almost as high as few models of the Range Rovers. It is about six meters in length if you select the elongated-wheelbase version. Beneath the spacious bonnet, there is a 6.75-litre engine that has a V12 specification. Several turbocharger units enhance the engine performance of the car. The car comes with enough power to accelerate it from zero to sixty-two meter per hour in a little more than 5 seconds. The car is fast, and it comes with self-adjusting air suspension. It has a 4-wheel steering system. Both these features give it the quality of one of the most softly driven Phantoms. Therefore reach out to the car rental service in your location, now to rent this most luxurious car of its era.

Rolls Royce

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster

AMG a Mercedes car is well-known for its high acceleration engine that is also added in the luxurious saloon and SUVs. Therefore providing them with the supercar-worthy performance. However, you should remember that the company has also manufactured two-seat sports cars like Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster. The car is packed with the very gargantuan, dual-turbocharging litre engine. That is of V8 make. It is the only engine designed for the car, but the auto also comes with plenty of power 


output calibrations, suitable for different types of preferences and budgets. All the Mercedes car fans can rent this auto from the famous car rental service providers.


Dubai is a place where travelling without a luxury car will not inspire you to do something great. Therefore, to enjoy the city with all its grandness and majestic grace, the travelers must rent a luxury car to travel the metropolis with class. You can rent Audi A8 from premium car rental Dubai to drive this high-performance car on the streets of Dubai. Or you may drive BMW 7 Series, a car worth fortune, by contacting the car rental service near you. Your other options can include getting a Rolls Royce Phantom that is a feature-rich saloon. You can get this car from the premium car rental Dubai on rent at the best price. Also, you can rent a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster to travel the streets of Dubai splendidly.

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