Car Maintenance 101: How To Change Your Vehicle Battery?

In case your vehicle has run out of energy, then most likely you’ll need a new battery for your car. The good news is that – the process is not that difficult and can be done just like any other DIY car maintenance procedure. The result will be a great performing car for years to come. 

Therefore, in this extensive blog post, we’ll be discussing the ideal method that you can follow in replacing your car battery. The procedure is simple, so you don’t have to worry much about the hassles. 

Buying The Perfect Battery Replacement

According to popular car wreckers in Adelaide, it’s always recommended to get a battery unit that’s specifically designed to be used with your vehicle. The dimensions and specifications should be the same as the old one. To know the specifications and dimensions, you have to refer to your car’s manual. 

You can obtain your car battery from practically anywhere. You can either get new or used car batteries online or from offline dealers. 

Technique To Follow When Changing A Car Battery

Locating The Old Battery

To perform this, you have to open your car’s bonnet and locate the old battery. Once you’ve done the same, you have to make sure that you know the placement of the positive as well as negative ends of the battery. 

The positive terminal of the car battery will be red and will have a + (positive) sign written on it. Alternatively, the negative terminal will be black and will have a – (negative) sign on it. 

Removing The Old Battery

To remove the car battery, you have to first disconnect the negative terminal and then the positive terminal. This is done to circumvent any cases of short-circuits to the positive terminal, especially if it comes in close proximity with any grounded part of the vehicle. If you’re having difficulties removing the terminals, you can use a wrench to loosen them. 

Ensure that you mark the cables well, otherwise, errors during reinstallation can lead to the destruction of the entire electrical system. 

Once you’re done with the terminals, you have to loosen the battery holder and remove any clamps or screws. Since the battery will be heavy and the weight can easily be more than 15 KGs, maintain safety when removing the same. 

Putting The New Battery

Before you decide to put in the new battery, you have to clean the battery terminals and cables properly. Once done, you have to place the battery into its holder and then fasten the same to its place. Ensure that the terminals match the battery cables. 

However, for the reinstallation time, you can reconnect the positive terminal first and then go ahead with the negative one. Remember to apply grease on both of the battery terminals. 

Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Battery At Full Health

  • Even if you don’t use your car for an extended period, don’t forget to at least turn on the engine at least once per week, so that the battery doesn’t lose its charge completely. A dead battery will wear out quickly over time. 
  • Make sure that you clean your battery at regular intervals, especially the terminals. The terminals can corrode over time due to moisture and dust accumulation, which can affect the overall lifespan of the battery. 
  • Remember to not park your vehicle under direct sunlight because extreme heat exposure will lead to battery degradation. Thus, always make sure that you park your car under a shade, which will prolong the life of your vehicle battery. 
  • Keep the voltage of the battery under regular checks. The minimum voltage should be 12.7 volts. If the voltage falls below 12.5, then you should proceed to recharge the battery. 
  • Finally, ensure that you keep your battery well-insulated to eliminate the effect of weathering agents (summer & winter). 
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