Call Tracking; Software, Metrics, and Tricks

call tracking software

The calls to business that lead to conversions are an ever-growing phenomenon. You can place call tracking data metrics online all you like; you are still going to receive a tremendous number of calls that cannot be lead back to their online source. So how do you know which of your online sources are generating offline leads?

Calls can be converted ten to fifteen times more than the web leads because the caller is already in the active process of showing interest in conducting business with your team.

When you do not track your offline calls, you are likely to lose 80% of your potential business. But with changing times, the industry is coming up with ways to rack your offline calls so that you may streamline your marketing strategies.

Smartphones and Businesses:

Calls from landlines have gone extinct as more and more users dial businesses from smartphones. Calls from smartphones will grow into a 162 billion industry in the next year or 2019!

Call Tracking and Marketing Budget:

Knowing what advertisement campaign lead to which call will show you how your calls are playing out in the market. It allows you to see how to allocate your budget. If you do not know which campaign is profitable, you do not know where to put your money.

Offline Call Tracking:

The question then becomes, how do you tack the calls that are being made online? You will sign up for Adwords on Google and create an active campaign. Now you will add a number that you will track using Google Tag Manager. The Tag manager will give you a different code for the same number, giving the number multiple markers. When a call is made, Google Tag Manager will recognize the marker and place that call back to its source.


Call Tracking Softwares:

The aforementioned is the most basic of call tracking mechanisms that exist. But call tracking software can be tried and tested before buying because all of them come with a free trial.

Here are a few call tracking software with the points that make them good;


CallRail has excellent reviews from both small and large businesses that do not happen often. The most significant feature of Rinba is interactive voice response, and it helps in gaining customers in niche markets and increase conversions through right kind of lead placement. The software tracks call from online and offline sources and provide information on PPC leads.

The analytics data is there to help the user understand how the consumers are receiving every campaign and improve the user understanding of how to increase lead conversions.

The interactive voice response ensures that no call is dropped and you do not have to bear the burden of missed calls. It provides that the callers are all interacting with the business.


This software is there to help the user track offline calls. You can see conversions and leads from calls and chat with a keyword search option for campaigns, ads, landing pages, and all other marketing sources.

Call recording option allows you to see how the consumers are taking your brand and how you can improve the various aspects of brand outreach.


This software has good reviews for ease of use, support staff and proper setup. The software plans come with unlimited usage, and it takes less than a minute to come up with a campaign, fully loaded with its own local or toll-free number!


This one is significant because it allows the user to observe which customers are new leads. It has an AI-enabled caller ID that sees when the consumer is calling for the first time. The result is that you can see that fresh campaigns have an impact or not. This is particularly significant because the established company has run multiple campaigns. It is hard to know which one is increasing revenue and which ones are having no effect at all.  They also provide call analysts who can tell you which of your recorded calls have any insights that are worth knowing.

You can even narrow down all the calls that came from one single ad on their dashboard!

Call Tracking; the Important Metrics:

When it comes to call tracking, the main thing is to know which metrics matter the most. Here are a few parameters that matter more than others;

Call Volume: The breakdown of which campaign is generating which calls is the root of ROI that is worth something. You should always know which ad campaigns are giving you which call as that pays much. The volume of call as it corresponds to days and times of days is of great significance.

Types of call: A business receive various kinds of calls, you need to break down the received calls in various kinds. The types of calls include click-to-call, manually dialed calls or mobile phone calls. You can see whether they all came from desktop computers, tablets, laptops or androids.

The Keyword; to drive phone calls, you need the right keyword that you can get by reviewing the ad campaigns on the product. The PPC campaigns will tell you which keywords are working and which need to be changed.

 Call Duration: The call duration directly connects with lead generation. If a lead is giving out longer calls, then you have to find a way to convert the lead successfully. You should keep track of which leads are giving more extended conversations that become of great use.

Missed Calls: Call back or get in touch with a customer whose call you missed. 85% of the customers will not call back if their calls are missed. Especially avoid dropping calls where the customer left a voicemail. It shows that you do not care about their business and they can take it as an insult and spread a lousy consumer impression.

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