Tips for Buying Necktie to Get the Ideal Gentlemen’s Look


The origin of the necktie dates back to the 17th century, and various designers have created some excellent and high-quality variants. Necktie makes up a small component in the outfit; however, they attract attention immediately. When you’re professional and well-ready with a quality necktie on your outfit, most people won’t hesitate to share a compliment. Men frequently find it challenging to select a good one from the accessible piles due to the wide variety. To help you shop for your luxurious neckties, we have come up with the tips below. Here are some tips for buying necktie for the best gentlemen’s look. 

5 Tips to Buy Neckties for Your Outfit

1. Proportion

Ties come in various sizes and shapes, much like most things. Choosing a tie that complements both your body type and the attire you’ll be wearing is essential. As an illustration, consider the blazer or suit jacket. The size of lapels on the suit jacket or blazer should be your guide when choosing the width of your tie. 

If you lack this uniformity, your entire ensemble will look out of proportion, which will draw unwanted attention to you. One important factor to think about when buying a tie is whether it will go well with your current style.

2. Slip Knot

A slip knot comes out from the blade tip making your necktie elegant and chic. It lets to adjust the necktie so that it can primary to its original shape and style. Usually, it comes with an expensive necktie; however, people purchase these types of neckties through discounts and deals from stores such as Ties Planet discount codes and many others. 

3. Use a bar-tack (Stitch)

This can be the most important factor to consider while buying necktie. Turn the tie over, and you should see a thick stitch connecting the two ends approximately three-quarters of the way down. Every time, this reinforced stitch is horizontal. The two most important advantages of wearing a bar tack with a tie are as follows:

  • It provides some support from the initial pair of stitching on a tie, keeping the two sides of the tie together (slip stitching)
  • Additionally crucial, it aids in the tie’s shape retention.

Ever notice how a tie starts to puff up, almost as if there are air pockets inside of it? It means that it lacks bar tack. 

4. Fabric 

In the world of menswear, fabric reigns supreme. In men’s fashion, you typically get what you pay for, and cloth frequently plays a significant influence in this. I believe that silk is the ideal material for a men’s necktie and that most of the ties in your collection should be made of this material. You might wonder why.

  • One of the strongest textiles in the world is silk. Silk has a very high tensile strength while being soft, which is made possible by its elasticity, which considerably contributes to its tensile strength.
  • Silk fabrics have a mediocre resistance to wrinkling and maintain their shape.
  • Silk fabrics have good drapes. This is essential for the necktie to keep its shape and enable you to tie a variety of knots
  • Silk has a smooth surface, which prevents it from drawing dirt.

If you’re shopping for quality neckties, ensure to look whether it’s made up of silk fabric or not. 

5. Body

The body of a quality necktie consists of the following parts:

  • Blade: It is the huge end 
  • Tail: It is the little and thinner portion
  • Gusset: It is the piece that joins the necktie

Make sure to look for these components while buying necktie for your outfit. You can easily find them on a quality necktie. 

6. Slash out the Bias

Another tip for recognizing a quality necktie is that it is being slashed out of the bias. It should be cut at a 45-degree angle, showing that the tie will get its original shape after knotting. Furthermore, people look to shop for expensive and quality neckties from stores that offer the best discount codes and deals on their collections. It also helps the tie lie flat and avoid turning over one side. So, make sure to look for this feature on your necktie since most low-quality neckties don’t have it. 

Wrap Up

You have all the effective tips you should know before buying necktie for your outfit. Now that you have enough knowledge to differentiate between a quality necktie and which ones to avoid. A great quality necktie can add an extra layer of beauty and attractiveness to your outfit, providing you enjoyment for many years. We hope our 6 tips will help you buy the ideal necktie so that you don’t have any problems while dressing up.


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