Tips For Buying Indian Wedding Jewelry Online

wedding jewelry online

Indian wedding jewelry stands apart from other types of jewelry due to its ornate look. Wedding jewelry is known for its intricate design and stunning appeal. The jewelry is significantly heavier than the one designed for everyday wear. It is also more elegant and elaborate. It makes the women look majestic and graceful. Women can choose from gold and silver Indian jewelry studded with various gemstones. 

Like most other things, women can now purchase wedding jewelry online. Several renowned Indian jewelry brands offer their products online. It enhances the convenience of the buyers besides helping save time. Moreover, women can choose from different types of jewelry items as per their preference. That is why the trend of shopping for wedding jewelry online is becoming popular.

To get authentic products and the best value for money, it is important to shop for wedding jewelry online with care. Given the high value of such jewelry, even a slight oversight on the part of the buyers can prove expensive. So, it is advisable to shop for wedding jewelry online only after gaining proper information about the same. Discussed below are some tips that people can follow in this context.

Learn About The Different Types of Wedding Jewelry

To start with, buyers should familiarize themselves with the different types of Indian jewelry used in weddings. This information is essential for choosing the right jewelry sets without feeling confused. The most common types of jewelry used in Indian weddings include the following.

·       Kundan Jewelry

This type of jewelry is known for its beautiful design and delicate craftsmanship. It is one of the most traditional and royal styles of jewelry used in weddings. It features different types of carefully cut precious and semi-precious stones set in layers in molds of gold and silver.  The back of Kundan jewelry features colorful lac or meenakari work. This makes Kundan jewelry relatively cheaper while retaining the traditional aspects of India Jewelry.

·       Polki Jewelry

Polki jewelry is similar to Kundan jewelry in the manner it is crafted. However, raw uncut diamonds are set in mold of gold instead of precious and semi-precious stones. This makes the jewelry look unique and dazzling besides adding an exquisite charm to them. The jewelry offers a great combination of contemporary designs and traditional craftsmanship. The back of the jewelry features painted gold foil that further adds to its shine. Polki jewelry is way more expensive than Kundan jewelry due to its composition.

·       Meenakari Jewelry

Meenakari jewelry is made by filling molds or frames of gold with colorful lac. The frames are created in various intricate designs and patterns. These designs and patterns are usually inspired by nature. They may also feature embellishments like pearls, gemstones, and Kundan. The jewelry items are finally coated with a layer of colorful enamel to add a glassy look. The jewelry adds a regal touch to the personality of the wearers. This extremely colorful and shiny jewelry complements every look and bridal outfit. Meenakari jewelry is within the affordable range for most women.

·       Gold and Silver Jewelry

Jewelry made from precious metals such as gold and silver is also used widely in weddings. Gold is a much preferred option due to its brilliance and its high market value. However, the jewelry made from 100% pure gold is extremely delicate and prone to breakage. Hence, an alloy of gold and copper is used for making the jewelry to enhance its strength. Traditional gold jewelry often features intricate designs handcrafted by skilled artisans. In modern times, these designs are incorporated into the metal with the help of machines. In recent years, jewelry made from platinum or white gold has also become popular. With the price of gold having skyrocketed, women are considering other options that are equally elegant yet affordable. These include Kundan, Meenakari, and Carnelian jewelry.

Set A Budget for Shopping

Buying Indian jewelry online can be an overwhelming experience. This is due to the wide choice of options for each type of jewelry available online. This often makes people spend way more than they intend to on jewelry shopping. The best way to avoid this situation is by setting a budget for the shopping. Setting a budget also ensures that people search for jewelry items within their price range. It motivates them to explore only those options that seem affordable for them. Following this strategy is especially important for people with limited funds.

Do Thorough Research

When buying wedding jewelry, it is important to do thorough research about the store. Buyers should check the credibility of the online store before making any purchase. This includes checking the license and certification of the store. It is also advisable to learn about the number of years of operation of the store and its current clientele. Buyers should also check the description of the products provided by the store. It is also important to verify the total weight of the jewelry item. At the same time, buyers should also check the weight of the gemstones and precious metals used in the product. Most importantly, buyers should check the return and refund policy of the store before buying anything.

Consider The Design and Style

Women buying jewelry online should have a clear understanding of the design and style they prefer. For this, they should consider their complexion, face cut, and their outfit. These factors play an important role in choosing the perfect jewelry item that complements the wearers. The wide diversity of jewelry India offers, ensures that women can find something that matches their needs. Be it in terms of cut, finish, color, or design, there are countless different options available for individual buyers. Women can also mix and match jewelry of different types and styles to create exclusive sets. Such a combination helps to highlight the unique sense of style of the wearers. At the same time, it retains a classic touch and sense of tradition.

Final Thoughts

Buying Indian jewelry online USA is the best way for women to stay connected to their roots. Following the above guidelines can prove extremely beneficial in this context. It will help women get the best deals besides making it easier for them to choose the perfect jewelry.

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