All Necessary Buyers Guide For AliExpress: What is it? How do I buy on it?

AliExpress is a massive online marketplace with over 100 million products for sale. Alibaba, one of the world’s largest eCommerce companies, owns it. It was founded in 2010 and is based in China.

The majority of store merchants are based in China and source all of their products directly from Chinese manufacturers. This keeps costs low, allowing them to offer free or low-cost shipping. 

You can find trending products at a lower price because the majority of the sellers are overseas manufacturers. From women’s clothing and jewelry, as well as electronics and home decor, are all available. If you want to sell things online, it’s a great place to source products. Check out AliExpress’s bundle deals for a startup.

You can also use this platform for your online business; while they advertise themselves as an online retailer, most sellers on the platform recognize that the majority of their customers are resellers who are more interested in drop shipping.

Once you’ve got everything set up, drop shipping is a great way to get started selling online. It’s also quite simple. There is no cost or fee upfront, so you can try out products without making a large financial commitment.

All Necessary Buyers Guide For AliExpress What is it How do I buy on it

Many sellers on the site have existing product photos that you can use in your store, as well as basic product descriptions. When selling a commodity product, however, don’t overlook the importance of differentiation through positioning and how you polish the small details—better photos and handwritten product descriptions are usually well worth your time.

AliExpress bundle deal have made it simple to find products to sell in your eCommerce store without worrying about inventory or shipping costs. You can start doing this right now, for free, by adding products directly from a wholesaler to your store in just a few clicks.

The following is how it works:

  • You add the AliExpress products you want to sell to your store.
  • You decide on a price that includes a markup.
  • When you receive an order, you pay wholesale prices for the item.
  • The order would be shipped directly to your customer by the wholesaler.

We will go over what to look for in a product and a seller in more detail below, as well as how to position yourself for success. But to be honest, it isn’t any more complicated than what has already been stated.

Identifying the difference between an original and a replica.

The store has been banning replicas from its website for some time, but there are still sellers selling them. When we go shopping, it can be difficult to tell the difference between an original product and a replica on a website because the copies are often very well made. Some guidelines can assist us in determining whether or not a product is 100 percent original.

The first is price: if a product is not significantly less expensive than in an official store, we can assume we are looking at an original (replicas, on the other hand, are much cheaper).

Second, look at the seller’s sales history and how long they’ve been selling on the platform. Normally, stores that sell replicas close quickly, so no feedback from other buyers is received.

Third, check to see if the product name contains the word “original,” because if it does, the seller is implying that you will receive an original product. Products with the “Guaranteed Genuine” seal are similar, but they are also safer.

What if they try to sell you a fake?

AliExpress will close a store if a seller is dishonest and sells replicas. If you’ve made a purchase and it turns out the item isn’t authentic, all you have to do now is contact them and they’ll take care of it. They will refund your money, close the store to the seller, and in most cases, you will be able to keep the product if you can prove that it is counterfeit.

Finally, authorized sellers usually include it in the description, as well as the brand name in the title and description. Be wary if you find a branded product and the seller appears to be hiding the logo or information. Remember that if you buy a replica with the knowledge that it is one and you don’t like what you get, the store will only be able to assist you if the description includes all brand information, details, sizes, and other information. That is why, given the wide range of original brands available, we do not recommend purchasing replicas.

This will be helpful for first-time Chinese shoppers who are unsure how to place an order. Now concentrate solely on the store, and you’ll see how to place an order.

Let’s start with a few key benefits of shopping on AliExpress.

Delivery of products:

  1. The seller sends your product within the allotted time specified on the product page, after you have placed your order, paid for the product, and the store has verified your payment (usually within 1 day). Processing Time: Within 5 days, your order will be shipped.
  2. Once the seller has sent you the goods, you will be given a tracking number, which you can use to track your package’s progress.
  3. If you order multiple items from various sellers, each seller will send you a separate package.
  4. The time it takes to receive the goods varies depending on the method of delivery (mail, courier), but it usually takes between 15 and 60 days.

So, here’s how the purchasing procedure works:

You must first decide what you want to order and then correctly place your order. Take, for instance, a ring. Select the product’s name by clicking on it:

Important: Goods are sold individually or in lots of several pieces on AliExpress. Check the “1 Piece Only” checkbox when searching the site if you only want to buy one piece:

Go straight to the store.

AliExpress look at the price, the free shipping (the Free Shipping), and the product name. They also pay attention to the seller’s reviews, particularly the number of positive ones. In this case, the seller has been verified and has received 98.6% positive feedback.

  1. If everything looks good to you, press the Buy Now button.
  2. A window appears, allowing you to select a delivery method. Click Confirm after selecting China Post Air Mail.
  3. A window with fields for your personal data will open if you are not registered on AliExpress. It will have to be completed.
  4. If you already have an account with the store, select Already registered and enter your login and password.
  5. They’ll take you to a page with information about the buyer and the product you’ve chosen. Double-check everything. Once you’ve double-checked everything, click Place Order.
  6. Proceed to the payment page. Choose a payment method that is convenient for you, enter your card information, and click Pay My Order.
  7. Then they take you to a page thanking you for your purchase. It also displays the payment amount as well as the order’s processing time.

System of payment protection:

  1. The money is held by AliExpress until you confirm receipt of the goods and is not transferred to the seller. You can open a dispute for a refund of the full or partial purchase price if there are problems with your order.
  2. If the seller offers you the option of paying for your order outside of the store system (for example, via Western Union or his personal card), this is a clear indication that they are attempting to deceive you. The seller may simply accept payment and then vanish. Only use the standard payment method available in the store!

Purchase receipt and order completion:

  1. You confirm that everything is in order with the order only after receiving the goods, and AliExpress sends your money to the seller.

You now know everything you need to know in order to make a secure purchase on this platform.

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