How to buy Refurbished graphics card?

what is crack lacking ladies and gentlemen today on the desk we have here  some specials for you guys we’ve got a  used rx 570 gigabyte OC Edition now we  pick this up 480 Aussie dollars which in  the US you looking around 60 USD  if you change our Aussie dollar e dues  into that currency but right beside it  gaming ex-model from msi brand-new in  the box I picked this up for 170 Aussie  dollars on a sale so this is  automatically coming over double the  price of this used X mining Refurbished graphics card.

Now even if we had the same Edition  it would be over double the cost because this was a pretty good deal that we got  but that being said I do see a lot of  these cards popping up for sale at  around the same prices so today what I’m going to test this used card out then I’m going to test it verse  this not only the performance numbers  but the temperatures first they’re going  to come back and see if we change the  thermal paste on this and also do a few  things how much better it becomes now first thing to talk about of course warranty.

This is brand new in the box  you’re get a warranty you’re get an invoice this here you don’t get a  warranty like well at least the person I  bought it off just literally wanted to  offload them and the reason they got rid  of them cheap off it was because they  didn’t want to have to deal with giving  me a receipt or anything like that they  like look just take this thing and I  don’t want to hear about it again and  I’m like whoa but in that case doesn’t  work so the first thing about buying  this used card here make sure it works  before you buy it get some sort of proof  if you’re buying online make sure you  have some protection if you’re buying  online if you are not going to get a  screenshot of working but that being  said since I picked it up locally I was  able to confirm that this wasn’t deep  working before I bought it this one here  of course brand new.

you’ve got no  problems you’re protected by law in  Australia I believe in the US as well  and most other countries if you buy  something new you’ve got that peace of  mind that you don’t have to worry about  with that said let’s put these things on  the test bench and see who’s come  out on top so the first thing before we even get  into the gaming benchmarks is the  graphics card driver won’t install  whether we get the old Windows driver  the console Windows 10 or we try to  download the latest AMD driver we’ll see  here that it does bring up this message  with an exclamation mark in device  manager this just means that it’s most  likely got a different V by Asian in this  case this card was used for  cryptocurrency mining so whoever updated  the BIOS put on a mining optimized BIOS  and so what this now does is renders  this card essentially useless for gaming  in its current state because it was sort  of manually configured and it doesn’t  relate to the check sums on the actual  card itself and there’s a few reasons  why it doesn’t work with the AMD driver  set though how we get around this is we  go to the tech power up database.

We get the gigabyte rx 570 gaming BIOS and  we can make sure that the card looks the  same and in this case I couldn’t find  the gigabyte one so I use the Auris which is in this case it is exactly the  same card and it was one of those weird  things but what we’re going to do now is  get a program called ate flash and use  that to now flash this back to a gaming  graphics card and then hopefully our  driver will install just like a normal  card that we bought brand new off the  shelves would otherwise if we don’t it’s  essentially a useless card for gaming  and we can see right now that the  exclamation mark is now gone and this  card is now ready to rock and roll  Rumble run from Run Robel Robles  so this card right here out of the box  with only a bias flash applied scored a  maximum temperature of 74 degrees and that happened in Tom Clancy’s division to benchmark so what we’re going to do now  is take it off the bench give us some tech yes loving and then do  a little before and after so upon pulling this graphics card apart  we can see right here that the thermal paste has dried up and this is both on  the die and the heatsink itself so  taking this off and then putting on new  thermal paste is the most important thing but we can also see just next to  the memory chip here there’s some real weird kind of dirt so we’re just going  to use some used underwear since I’ve run out of alcohol wipes and just clean  up this graphics card then get the thermal paste off and just apply some  new thermal paste so after five minutes this card is now  looking so good rumour has it though apparently after  some tackiest loving these cards can  perform even better.

Than you that’s  right so you see that condition on an  item it says new you’ve even got a step  above that nowadays check yes loved with  that aside let’s see the beautiful after  effect so we just finished up testing these two rx 570s one being used the other being  new now in the case of the gigabyte the  performance was pretty much  neck-and-neck with the gaming ex but I  will say one thing I did do a little bit  of research and after we put an aura  spice on this thing apparently it does  give it a bit of a boost over the stock  gigabyte rx 570 so if there’s one difference between those two models is  that this one now with the Auris BIOS is  clocked a little bit higher so it will  help with the performance figures but  that being said the gaming X did do  better both in temperatures and FPS  figures when we were comparing them  after the tech yes loving now the tiger  is loving in this case that’s where we  changed the thermal paste and cleaned it  all up it did make a very subtle  difference it was only marginal if we  look at Tom Clancy’s division – we got  one FPS higher and we also got one  degree lower I don’t really – did show a  three degree drop and giving out the  same results Tomb Raider gave us a very  slight very slight dip in temperatures  but the same fps but this time around  you may be wondering why didn’t that  before enough to make that much of a  difference and the answer was simply  because this one wasn’t that dirty I  think the person who sold them on really  didn’t use them for that long at all and  we can tell by the actual dust that came off when I was actually cleaning it up  was very minimal and then when we  changed the thermal paste over even  though it was dry it wasn’t that dry.

 I’ve seen thermal paste just pretty much  crumble as soon as you take it apart  this stuff still had a little bit of  moisture to it so it was still doing a  pretty good job if anything I guess  gigabyte are using decent thermal paste  on their graphics cards – but also when  we saw the neck-and-neck results that  was two different cards that we’re  comparing one having a beefier better  cooler than the other so it wasn’t  really that apples-to-apples but the  value argument of going used is so good  because we can see the price performance  here is unstoppable it’s unbeatable but  we can have those potential problems  like the fact that the v bios was a  mining bias and we had to change it  otherwise would be left with a card that  wouldn’t be working properly at all but  now use versus new this ties into the  next video I’ll be making with the gtx  1650 perfectly because there’s these  arguments at the moment of you know used  RX 570s being such good value for money  and that argument is a hundred percent  true this price performance is just  through the roof right now but again we  are comparing a new graphics card versus  a used one they are two different  markets but in this case of whether you  should run the risk of buying a used card you always going to run the risk.

I guess more complications happening  with the used graphics card but when we  look at the value proposition I could  have bought two of these for the price I  paid of this well actually probably  almost three I think in Australia now  looking at the AUD pricing so is one of  three cards going to work definitely yes  statistically it’s more than two out of  three cards are going to work I’d say  closer to more like nine out of ten  cards are going to work at least in my  experience over new cards like ten out  of ten new cards will most likely work  nine out of ten news cards will most  likely not give you problems that’s sort  of like the rough statistics to it but  in terms of the value then that would  become eighty-eight oozier dollars and  that’s sort of the price premium you  should kind of weigh in to use parts  when you’re looking to start buying them  yes there is that risk there but over  time especially if you’re buying a lot  of use parts that risk is going to  average out and that’s going to mean you  are getting much better value for money  anyway hopefully that tech yes math made  a bit of sense if it did then be sure to  hit that like button and let us know in  the comments section below what you  think of used versus new graphics cards  today here xfurbish it certainly was punching  very in favour of the used especially the rx 570.

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