Read Before You Buy Ray-Ban Sunglasses For Men

Ray-Ban sunglasses came into existence back in 1936 as a representation of the classic American retro vibe. The company launched several iconic designs in the past decades with many hits. Also, many pairs became a staple because of their versatile look. Today, Ray Ban sunglasses men offer a modern look with the same vintage vibe. Besides, the older designs still make a good impression because of the timeless classic look. 

Nowadays, Ray-Ban offers hundreds of shades and different materials in their sunglasses. You can choose from various designs to find your perfect fit and style preference. Meanwhile, some highlighting features stand out in this high-end brand. Let’s find out about everything that makes Ray-Ban sunglasses so different:

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Collections 

The brand offers several online exclusive collections with featured designs. Also, they come with limited-edition models for those who like to collect these items. 

The Blaze Collection 

This collection by Ray-Ban represents classic silhouettes. The feature of this collection is the layout of lenses over the frame. It means that the lenses do not come enclosed inside the rims but lay flat on top for a chic look. Also, this modern feature gives a unique vibe to the sunglasses. 

The Legend Collection 

The highlighting feature of the Ray-Ban legend collection is that it comes in gold embossing of the logo. Generally, Ray-Ban sunglasses have a white logo etched on the lenses. However, these shades have it in gold color.  

The Olympian Collection 

The sunglasses in this collection launched back in 1960 and revolutionized the eyewear market. These shades have an extended browline that stands out from afar. Nowadays, many Ray-Ban shades come with this feature and usually represent this iconic brand. 

The Evolve Collection 

These sunglasses come with special colored lenses from Ray-Ban. Also, the lenses have a transition or gradient effect, which shifts according to the amount of UV. Besides, these shades offer 100% UV protection to save eyes from UV damage. 

The Chromance Collection 

The lenses in the Chromance Ray-Ban collection come with polar filters for outdoor sports activities. Moreover, these lenses also have a hydrophobic coating for water resistance. The anti-reflection and fingerprint resistance features also enhance the look of these sunglasses. Besides, the lenses add contrast to colors and make minute details more visible. 

Ray-Ban sunglasses material

In the beginning, these shades mostly used metal frames but later branched into high-quality acetate material. This material, also known as cellulose acetate, offers durability and flexibility. It comes in transparent or bright colors. Besides, it is also available in glossy and matte finishes. 

G-15 Lenses

Ray-Ban sunglasses with green lenses are a popular identification of the brand. These G-15 lenses have a green hue that helps filter out the rays of bright sunlight. Also, these lenses allow a maximum of 15% light to pass through the lens and reach the eye. So, the name of these lenses is G-15. Even though this brand offers various types of lenses, the green-tinted ones remain the most iconic. However, other mirrored and colorful lenses are also available from Ray-Ban. 

Polarized Lenses 

The polarized lenses come with a specialized film that reduces glare. This glare comes from reflective surfaces when light hits them directly. Also, this glare can become annoying and damage the eyes or even hinder visibility for some time. Polarized lenses help block most of this glare to improve visibility on a bright sunny day. These sunglasses are a popular choice among drivers and athletes for comfortable vision. 

These features are a few of many that make the brand an iconic staple in every wardrobe. Ray Ban glasses for men sold millions of pieces over the decades because of their versatile vibe. Also, their older frames look good even today because of the timeless look. 

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